Guardsman Leak Case: US Reveals Disturbing Details of Plan to Kill a ‘Ton of People’

by Joshua Brown
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In Massachusetts, Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old Air National guardsman, is facing charges for leaking secret military files. Prosecutors discovered that he had a lot of guns in his home and on social media said he wished to hurt lots of people. Because of this, the courts opted to keep him in jail until his trial begins.

The judge at Teixeira’s hearing did not decide if Teixeira should stay in jail until his trial or go back to his house with certain rules. Then, Teixeira was taken from the court wearing handcuffs and a black rosary necklace while waiting for the decision.

The court documents are asking why Teixeira had access to top secret information. They believe he may still have important material that has not been revealed and it could be interesting for other countries. These countries might attempt to help him escape the United States if they thought it was valuable.

At a court hearing, Judge David Hennessy wondered if people who are under 30 really understand that things they put on the internet can be seen around the world. He was talking about a situation involving the US military and online gaming chats. The defense argued that it wasn’t clear if whoever had leaked sensitive information wanted it to be seen all over the world.

Teixeira went to his hearing in Worcester wearing an orange prison uniform and he smiled at his dad who was sitting in the front row. They took off his handcuffs when he sat down, then put them back on once he had left.

The judge could order Teixeira to stay at his father’s home while waiting for the trial. His father Jack Michael was asked questions during the hearing and he confirmed that he owns firearms, but currently, there are no guns in his house. If Teixeira violates any rules or regulations of release or confinement, then his dad will have to inform the authorities.

The lawyer of the defendant said, “This young man didn’t run away and he has no place to run. He will face his charges and be judged by the people in this city.”

Nadine Pellegrini, who works for a court in Massachusetts said that what prosecutors said about the defendant was really true. It wasn’t imaginary or created to make the defendant look bad. They knew this from what he had actually done and said.

The court documents say that Teixeira said on social media sites in November that he wanted to hurt a lot of people and referred to it as getting rid of weak-minded individuals.

On Wednesday night, the Air Force announced that they have removed two commanders who had authority over someone called Teixeira. They also blocked each leader’s access to any confidential information they might have.

Court documents said Teixeira should be kept in custody because of worrying things that happened when he was in high school, where someone heard him talking about bombs and racial threats. Also, recently they found out that he had used his government computer to search for information on past shootings and situations involving the federal agents.

The prosecutors think that he is a danger to the country and may try to run away. The investigators also have to find out if he still has copies of secret information, even if some parts already made public.

The Prosecutors said that the Defendant’s bad behavior has already done a great deal of harm to the United States. And he could still do even more damage. That is why he has been kept in prison since he was arrested a few weeks ago for doing something very bad that affected national intelligence.

Teixeira has been accused of taking secret government information without permission. He hasn’t said if he is guilty or not yet. His lawyers are asking the judge to let Teixeira leave jail. They suggested that they could track his location while he is at his father’s house so he won’t run away.

The defense said Teixeira no longer knows any secret information and called the prosecutors out for not making a strong argument that a foreign person could trick him into leaving the country without anyone noticing.

The government said that there is no proof that Mr. Teixeira wanted his information to be seen publicly on any social media sites, so their idea that he will keep sharing secret information or destroying evidence if not stopped, makes no sense.

The prosecutors said that the same person kept lots of guns close to his bed, like handguns and rifles. The FBI also found ammunition, a type of cover with straps, something that looked like a silencer, and a helmet usually seen in wars. The helmet even had a camera mount attached to it which was found inside of a dumpster.

He is said to have shared really important documents about issues related to national security in a chatroom on Discord, an app used by gamers so they can hang out. The information leaked caused shock among military officers and people around the world and made us think more carefully about how well America protects its secrets.

Leaks about the U.S. and NATO helping Ukraine have been revealed. This could create problems between the U.S., its allies, and Russia. It shows us what was going on in February and March in terms of where Ukraine and Russia were fighting and how much equipment they had lost or received from their allies.

Teixeira has a lot of weapons and he liked talking about hurtful things like murder in an online platform. In February, authorities heard him saying he wanted to turn his minivan into something mean – like an “assassination van”.

The Justice Department says that Daniel had been behaving badly for a long time, even before he joined the military, and that while he has access to lots of secret information, his bad behavior didn’t stop.

In 2018, a classmate reported hearing Teixeira talking about weapons such as Molotov cocktails and guns at the school and making threats. The police were so worried about these remarks that they did not allow Teixeira to get a firearms identification card that year.

He tried to get a gun for the next two years and in 2020, he said that being in the military showed the government he could be trusted with a weapon.

The Justice Department has discovered that in July, Teixeira looked up a bunch of horrible American mass shootings and government conflicts on his computer. These included Ruby Ridge, the Las Vegas shooting,the Mandalay Bay shooting, Uvalde and Buffalo Tops Shooting which was a racist attack at a supermarket in 2022.

Dan Meyer, a lawyer who understands military, federal employment and security clearance issues, said that the government computer must have sent out an alert about the mass shootings searches done by Teixeira. As a result, it would then have led to people investigating further into his file. The Air Force’s investigation will look into whether this really happened or not and if anyone did anything with the information they received.

An Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder said he wouldn’t discuss the details of Teixeira’s case because they wanted to wait until the investigation was finished.

General Ryder also told a press briefing that when people use Pentagon computers or phones, they will get an alert if they try to visit sites they’re not authorized to. He said that supervisors and security officers are notified about this too. He ended his statement by reminding everyone that all activity is being monitored.

Teixeira’s lawyers said he doesn’t have a record of bad behavior and wouldn’t be able to get his hands on guns if he were released. At his high school, there was an event that got checked out and he was allowed back after some tests to make sure everything was alright. After this investigation, the Air National Guard knew what had happened and they still let him join their program and get his special security clearance.

After some time, news outlets started talking about the documents that had been leaked and Teixeira tried to get rid of the evidence. When police searched his house in the garbage bin they found a broken laptop, tablet and Xbox console.

Nobody knows why the person did what they did. People in a chat group talked about how the person was trying to show off, rather than tell people about American military activities or try and change American plans.

The FBI looked at certain documents from Discord when they were looking for Teixeira. He had joined the Air National Guard in September 2019. Someone on Discord told the FBI that a username associated with Teixeira started to share information that seemed to be secret around December.

On April 6th, the FBI noticed that Teixeira was searching for the word ‘leak’ in a restricted system. This indicated that they were likely trying to find information about who caused the leaks in The New York Times story.

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