Grizzlies Make the Tough Decision to Suspend Ja Morant After Gun Video Appears Online

by Joshua Brown
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Ja Morant was given a time-out by the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday when he held what looked like a gun in a video posted on Instagram. This is the second timeon this social media that he has been seen holding such an object; it cost him 8 games and $669,000!

Dillon Morant may receive punishment for his second video, which was shared on social media Saturday night. The video was posted on Davonte Pack’s Instagram account by an anonymous person who knows about the situation, but neither the NBA nor the Grizzlies have said anything about it.

The NBA is searching for more information about a recent post on social media involving Ja Morant. The Memphis Grizzlies basketball team, who have finished their season, have said that Morant will not be allowed to take part in any of their activities until the NBA has finished their review.

Pack streamed a video of Morant sitting in passenger seat of a car and he held up what looked like a gun for less than one second. When he did this , there were 111 people watching on live stream.

In early March, Grizzlies star Morant posted a video while holding a gun in a Denver nightclub on his Instagram account. After it went viral, he said he was taking some time away from basketball to get help but didn’t say what kind. ESPN then reported that he was getting counseling in Florida, which the team eventually verified without giving more details.

After speaking with Ja Morant, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver came to the conclusion that he had done something really bad and dangerous. He also stated that Morant, as somebody in a very public role and who is followed by many young fans, needs to take responsibility for his actions.

“Mr. Silver said that Ja is sorry for his actions and he knows that being part of the Memphis Grizzlies and NBA means more than just playing basketball. As an example, Ja did an interview with ESPN where he had to explain what happened and accept responsibility.”

Ja Morant said that he doesn’t agree with violence and he admits that he made a mistake. He wants to show the world what kind of person he really is and turn this story around for the better. At the end of the season, Ja mentioned again about needing to be more wise when making decisions.

After a tough game loss against the Los Angeles Lakers, Morant said that he needs to be better in all areas. He believes that he should have more discipline both on and off the court, should make better decisions and also must be a leader to his team.

Ja Morant is set to start a five-year, $194 million contract this season. He could have been able to earn even more money (about $39 million) if he had made it into the All-NBA team, but unfortunately he wasn’t voted in. Although, he does have deals with Nike and Powerade, but Powerade immediately removed an ad featuring him after a video of him was released in March.

Everyone knows he’s a great player on the court. He scored 27.4 points last year and 26.2 this season, which helped his team make it to the Playoffs in second place.

But things didn’t turn out so well once they got there. They were knocked out of the first round by the Lakers in a very lopsided loss where everyone was more focused on bickering than playing during the series.

The start of the offseason was not a good one. The coach of Grizzlies, Taylor Jenkins said the team needs to stop making decisions that can hurt the team’s image and achievement, such as “unnecessary drama”. He also said things must be different next year. This is at least the third time in 2023 that NBA had to investigate Grizzlies player Morant because of his involvement with firearms.

Ja Morant’s behaviour got looked into after something bad happened on January 29 in Memphis. He said it was the reason why his friend, whom he calls “my brother,” couldn’t go to Grizzlies’ home games for a year.

After playing a game against the Indiana Pacers, some news sources reported that several members of the Pacers saw a red dot pointing at them near where their bus was parked. Further reports revealed that a security guard for the Pacers thought the laser may have come from a gun.

The NBA said that some people were not allowed to go in the arena, but they did not find any proof that anyone had a weapon.

On the morning of March 4th, right after the Grizzlies played a game against the Nuggets, Ja Morant started a live-stream from a place called Shotgun Willies in Glendale, Colorado. He was holding a gun but no charges were pressed and there were no problems reported by anyone.

Morant and Pack have been involved in a court case since something happened at Morant’s house last summer where a 17-year-old said that they had hurt him. On April 12, Morant decided to take legal actions and filed a complaint against the teen for saying unfair things about them, battery, and assault.

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