Green River Killer’s Apprehending Sheriff Steps into Washington Governor Race

by Joshua Brown
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Green River Killer

Dave Reichert, the former sheriff and congressman renowned for his role in capturing the infamous “Green River Killer,” has announced his intent to vie for the position of Washington’s governor.

The former King County Sheriff and U.S. Rep., now 72, lodged his campaign paperwork with the state Public Disclosure Commission on June 30, indicating his run as a Republican candidate. His aim is to succeed Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee, who isn’t pursuing a fourth term.

While Reichert has not yet formally announced his campaign, he joins a growing roster of candidates for the governorship, among them notable Democrats — Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson and Washington Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz. Other Republican contenders include Yakima-based doctor Raul Garcia and Richland School Board member Semi Bird.

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During his time as sheriff, Reichert served two terms and was the lead detective on the Green River murder cases, so named because the initial bodies were discovered near the river in 1982. During his second term, the perpetrator, Gary Ridgway, who was convicted for murdering 49 women, was apprehended in 2003.

Ridgway confessed to possibly committing over 71 murders and is currently serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Following his law enforcement career, Reichert was elected to Congress in 2004 and retired after seven terms in 2019.

While serving in Congress, his notable achievements included extending the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area and introducing nationwide legislation to enhance the foster care system and fight sex trafficking.

Inslee, who holds the record for the longest tenure as a governor in the U.S. and is only the second Washington governor to serve three consecutive terms, declared in May he won’t run for a fourth term.

The primary election is scheduled for August 2024, with the general election following in November.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Green River Killer

Who is Dave Reichert?

Dave Reichert is a former sheriff and congressman known for his work in capturing the “Green River Killer.” He served as the King County Sheriff and was the lead detective on the Green River murder cases. Reichert later served in Congress and retired after seven terms in 2019.

What is the Green River Killer case?

The Green River Killer case refers to a series of murders that took place in the 1980s and 1990s near the Green River in Washington state. Gary Ridgway, also known as the Green River Killer, was responsible for the murders of numerous women. Dave Reichert played a crucial role in apprehending and convicting Ridgway in 2003.

Who else is running for Washington governor?

Apart from Dave Reichert, other candidates in the race for Washington governor include Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Washington Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz, Yakima doctor Raul Garcia, and Richland School Board member Semi Bird.

When is the Washington governor election?

The primary election for the Washington governorship is scheduled for August 2024, followed by the general election in November of the same year.

What are some of Dave Reichert’s accomplishments?

During his tenure as sheriff and congressman, Dave Reichert achieved notable milestones. He led the investigation into the Green River killings, introduced national legislation to combat sex trafficking and improve the foster care system, and worked towards expanding the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area.

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