Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa Steps into Spotlight of 2024 Republican Presidential Race

by Sophia Chen

Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa thrust herself into the limelight amidst various Republican presidential candidates on Friday. She used the occasion meant to showcase the contenders to sign a new law imposing limitations on abortions, thereby firmly establishing herself as a pivotal figure in the 2024 presidential race.

Her action was greeted with a standing ovation by about 2,000 conservative Christians assembled in Des Moines, reinforcing her impact not just in Iowa but also on a national level.

“I couldn’t think of a better place to enact this law,” remarked Reynolds. “The most blatant injustice is about to be rectified today.”

Despite being originally planned to deliver a speech at The Family Leadership Summit – a frequent stage for Republican presidential candidates courting Iowa’s early voters – her participation evolved into an exultant display of her burgeoning national reputation. This came after a week spent steering restrictive abortion laws into Iowa’s statutes, following the suspension of a similar law she endorsed in 2018.

Even in the face of sharp criticism from former President Donald Trump, Reynolds proceeded to sign the bill. Trump accused Reynolds of abandoning her pledge of impartiality in the campaign on his Truth Social platform, asserting that he deserved credit for her gubernatorial ascent. However, other presidential hopefuls defended Reynolds, recognizing her popularity among Iowa voters.

Prominent defenders included Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who expressed his appreciation for Reynolds’ support, while carefully avoiding a violation of her neutrality pledge with an endorsement. DeSantis, in an effort to bolster his campaign, hinted at the possibility of considering Reynolds as a vice presidential candidate.

According to Republican strategists in Iowa, Reynolds’ bill-signing event underscored her commitment to causes she passionately supports. Reynolds opted to sign the bill at the Friday event to share the triumph with those advocating for abortion restrictions for years. The presence of a large audience consisting of conservative leaders, presidential candidates, and national news media served as an added advantage.

This strategic move aimed to prompt a national discourse. “I’m elated when we lead the way and demonstrate to other states’ governors that it is achievable,” Reynolds mentioned to the Des Moines Register in February.

While Reynolds dismissed any speculation about her potential candidacy as vice president in the 2024 Republican race, she didn’t shy away from contrasting her record with the presidential candidates. “I am proud to stand united with them in our respect for life,” she stated at the Friday forum.

Her sentiment was reciprocated at the event. Former Vice President Mike Pence praised her stance on abortion, calling it a historic day. Similarly, former governors Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas and Nikki Haley of South Carolina commended her efforts.

Reynolds is known for pursuing her own path, focusing equally on policies aimed at reducing taxes and downsizing government as well as addressing social issues. She doesn’t hesitate to stand up against fellow Republicans challenging her views, as demonstrated when she campaigned against her party’s incumbents obstructing “school choice” legislation in 2022.

She has even displayed willingness to defy conventional party beliefs, endorsing an executive order to restore voting rights to former felons and proposing initiatives such as over-the-counter birth control.

Her achievements in Iowa gained attention before the 2024 candidates officially entered the race. She was selected to present the GOP response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address last year, and led the Republican Governors Association after her significant reelection victory.

Nevertheless, with the caucus campaign in full swing, Reynolds is prepared to remain at the heart of affairs. She is open to joining any candidate’s campaign events, and will prominently feature at the state fair in August, a vital stop for presidential aspirants.

Meanwhile, her administration will be upholding the state’s abortion law in court. “The collective work from the statehouse to the public square is making a difference,” Reynolds asserted on Friday. “But, as we all understand, our work is far from over.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ​

Who is Kim Reynolds?

Kim Reynolds is the Governor of Iowa. She stepped into the spotlight of the 2024 Republican Presidential race by signing a restrictive abortion law during a gathering of conservative Christians in Des Moines.

What was the event where Kim Reynolds signed the restrictive abortion law?

Governor Kim Reynolds signed the restrictive abortion law at The Family Leadership Summit. This event is one of many where Republican presidential candidates are expected to address Iowa’s voters.

How has Kim Reynolds’ action affected her national profile?

By signing a restrictive abortion law during an event meant to showcase Republican presidential candidates, Reynolds asserted herself as a key player in the 2024 presidential race. This move, applauded by a large audience, helped to raise her profile not just in Iowa, but on a national level.

How has Kim Reynolds responded to criticism from former President Donald Trump?

Despite criticism from former President Donald Trump, Reynolds pressed forward and signed the bill into law. Trump had accused her of abandoning her pledge of impartiality in the campaign, but she stood firm, gaining the defense of other presidential candidates.

Has Kim Reynolds shown interest in running for vice president in 2024?

Kim Reynolds has stated that she’s not entertaining rumors about her potential candidacy as vice president in the 2024 Republican race. However, she hasn’t shied away from comparing her record favorably to those running for president.

What other political initiatives has Kim Reynolds been associated with?

In addition to signing the restrictive abortion law, Reynolds has pursued policies aimed at reducing taxes and downsizing government. She endorsed an executive order to restore voting rights to former felons and proposed initiatives such as over-the-counter birth control.

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BillyBob1975 July 17, 2023 - 3:15 pm

Reynolds is a force to be reckoned with. whether u agree with her or not, she’s definitely makin her mark in the political arena.

JamesParker98 July 17, 2023 - 8:26 pm

whao!! Gov Reynolds really taking the lead huh? gotta respect her for sticking to her guns despite what Trump said.

ConradB July 17, 2023 - 9:38 pm

hey did anyone else notice how Reynolds is sort of carving out her own path, not just towing the party line? Interesting to see.

Mike_the_Great July 17, 2023 - 11:21 pm

I’m not much for politics, but it’s clear Gov Reynolds has got a lotta people talkin. Wonder if she’ll go for the VP spot in 2024?

Jennifer2023 July 18, 2023 - 5:57 am

As a women, I feel conflicted. While i admire Gov. Reynolds strength and commitment, I can’t help but feel disappointed about the abortion law. Just my two cents.

AmeliaHeart25 July 18, 2023 - 10:03 am

i don’t really agree with the whole abortion restrictions thing, but I’ve gotta admit that Reynolds seems pretty steadfast in her beliefs. We need more leaders like that…


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