German Businessman’s Dismembered Body Discovered in Thailand Freezer with Tools

by Ryan Lee
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Police in southern Thailand revealed on Tuesday that the dismembered body of a German businessman, Hans-Peter Mack, who had been missing for a week, was found inside a freezer in a residence. Tawee Kudthalaeng, the police chief in Nong Prue, reported that the discovery was made at approximately 11 p.m. on Monday. Security camera footage from the area aided investigators in locating the body. Visual evidence published by Thai media depicted the freezer in the bed of a black truck, accompanied by an individual crouching beside it.

Mack, 62 years old, was last seen driving his Mercedes sedan in the coastal city of Pattaya in southern Thailand. His family had circulated a missing person announcement with a reward of 3 million baht ($86,000) for any information leading to his return.

Upon the discovery of the body, a large crowd gathered outside the residence where forensic teams meticulously examined the scene. Clad in white coveralls, hair nets, and blue gloves, experts were observed on ThaiPBS going through a garbage bag retrieved from a white chest freezer. Within the bag, they uncovered a Makita cordless chainsaw with its charging unit, a pair of yellow-handled hedge clippers, and two sizable rolls of plastic. The bag, along with the body covered in an opaque plastic sheet on a stretcher and the chest freezer, were subsequently removed from the premises.

Local media reports indicated that Mack resided in Pattaya with his Thai wife and worked as a real estate broker. He had been living in Thailand for a number of years. Mack’s Mercedes E350 was discovered on Sunday in the parking lot of a condominium in Nong Prue, an affluent area popular among foreigners in Chonburi province. Police noted the presence of a cleaning solvent on the car’s seats, dashboard, steering wheel, and other surfaces.

Authorities have determined that a substantial sum of money is missing from Mack’s bank account, which they suspect is connected to the crime. The police chief, Tawee, refrained from providing further details but confirmed that they are investigating multiple suspects, including both German nationals and Thai individuals. The German Embassy in Bangkok has redirected inquiries to the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin, who have yet to respond to a comment request. Furthermore, the contact number listed on the missing person poster went unanswered on Tuesday.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Thailand

Q: What was discovered in Thailand related to a German businessman?

A: The dismembered body of a missing German businessman was found in a freezer inside a house in southern Thailand.

Q: How was the body located?

A: The body was located using security camera footage from the area where the investigation took place.

Q: What tools were found with the body?

A: Among the items discovered were a Makita cordless chainsaw, a pair of yellow-handled hedge clippers, and rolls of plastic.

Q: Who was the missing German businessman?

A: The businessman’s name was Hans-Peter Mack, a 62-year-old individual residing in Pattaya, Thailand.

Q: Was there any evidence of foul play?

A: Yes, there were traces of a cleaning solvent found in the businessman’s car, and a significant amount of money was reported missing from his bank account.

Q: Are there any suspects in the case?

A: The investigation is looking into both German nationals and Thai individuals as potential suspects.

Q: What is the involvement of the German Embassy?

A: The German Embassy in Bangkok has referred inquiries to the German Foreign Ministry in Berlin, which has not yet responded to requests for comments.

Q: Is there any update on the investigation?

A: The investigation is ongoing, and forensic teams are meticulously examining the scene and gathering evidence to determine the circumstances surrounding the crime.

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