Fugees Star Pras Found Guilty in Shocking Political Conspiracy Case

by Joshua Brown
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A famous rapper from the music group Fugees was found guilty by a court of law on Wednesday for secretly plotting plans that connected two US presidents. People like Leonardo DiCaprio and former attorney general Jeff Sessions gave evidence in this trial.

Prakazrel “Pras” Michel was guilty of some serious crimes. He tried to transfer money from someone in Malaysia to help Barack Obama’s campaign for President in 2012 and he also tried to stop a Department of Justice investigation, as well as interfere with an extradition process involving China when Donald Trump was President. A group of people in Washington, D.C., looked at the evidence and found him guilty on all ten counts including planning wrong things and acting like a foreign government agent without being registered.

The court said that a popular rapper from the 1990s Fugees group just wanted to make money and got bad legal advice when he changed his job to doing politics.

After the decision, Michel (the rapper) refused to comment but his lawyer was not happy and told everyone that this case isn’t over yet – they will try to appeal it again.

Michel first met Jho Low, a Malaysian financer, in 2006. Back then, Jho was known to spend a lot of money and was hanging out with celebrities like Paris Hilton. He helped pay for some Hollywood productions including ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’ According to DiCaprio, Jho seemed like a really serious businessman who even wanted to donate money to Obama’s campaign.

Michel testified that the Low person wanted a photo of Obama in 2012 and had given him a lot of money to help him with it. Michel then used some of the money to give others money to go to special events, which he said he did not know was illegal. But prosecutors said that Michel had actually been giving Low’s money to these people as donations. Furthermore, Michel had also sent texts from disposable phones to try and make sure that these donors would not share information about this situation with anyone else.

After Donald Trump was elected, prosecutors accused a guy named Michel of taking millions to stop looking into allegations that another man, Low, had stolen billions from 1MDB–a Malaysian state fund. Low denies it, but he is now running away from the law.

Michel got money to try and get the U.S. to send back a person from China who had been accused of breaking the law, but without saying that he was working for someone else.

The lawyers defending the case showed evidence from an old law official, Jeff Sessions, who worked with Trump until he quit in 2018. He stated that while he was aware the Chinese government wanted something called extradition, he did not know Michel (the rapper). Furthermore, it sounded like nothing wrong had been done as the rapper attempted to arrange a meeting about this topic.

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