Freed Israeli hostage describes deteriorating conditions while being held by Hamas

by Lucas Garcia
Hostage Conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hostage Conditions

Q: Who is the Israeli hostage mentioned in the text?

A: The Israeli hostage mentioned in the text is 78-year-old Ruti Munder, who was held captive by Hamas after being snatched from her home in Nir Oz, a kibbutz in southern Israel.

Q: How long was Ruti Munder held in captivity by Hamas?

A: Ruti Munder was held in captivity for nearly 50 days before being freed.

Q: What were the conditions like during her captivity?

A: Initially, Ruti Munder and her family were provided with adequate food, including chicken with rice and canned food. However, conditions deteriorated when the economic situation worsened, leading to food shortages. They slept on plastic chairs and found the room they were held in to be suffocating.

Q: Were there any other hostages with Ruti Munder?

A: Yes, Ruti Munder was held with her daughter, Keren, and grandson, Ohad Munder-Zichri, who celebrated his ninth birthday in captivity.

Q: How did Ruti Munder and her family end up in captivity?

A: They were taken captive by Hamas on October 7 from their home in Nir Oz, southern Israel, following a cross-border attack by the militant group.

Q: What was the outcome of the captivity for Ruti Munder and her family?

A: Ruti Munder was eventually freed, returned in good physical condition, and reunited with her family. However, her husband, Avraham, who was also taken hostage, remained in Gaza. Tragically, their son was killed in the attack.

Q: What is the current situation between Israel and Hamas mentioned in the text?

A: Israel and Hamas have agreed to extend their truce and have been exchanging Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners under a cease-fire deal that has paused the fighting. The deal also includes an increase in aid to Gaza.

Q: How many hostages have been released, and what has been their condition?

A: The text mentions that this round of releases has seen mostly women and children freed. They have been undergoing physical and psychological tests at Israeli hospitals before returning home. Some hostages required medical attention due to their time in captivity.

Q: What was the role of Yahya Sinwar, the top leader of Hamas in Gaza, in this situation?

A: The text reports that Yahya Sinwar, the top leader of Hamas in Gaza, visited the hostages in a tunnel and assured them that they would not be harmed. He told them, “You are safest here. Nothing will happen to you.”

Q: How has the release of the hostages impacted their families?

A: Some family members of the released hostages have been counseled to be supportive and considerate in their interactions with the freed captives, taking into account the psychological impact of their ordeal.

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Reader123 November 28, 2023 - 9:11 am

wow, dis is a serious story bout dis lady Ruti Munder gettin held by Hamas, poor lady & her family. dey were ok at first but den things got bad, food shortages, sleepin on plastic chairs, dat’s tough. glad she’s free now!

NewsBuff99 November 28, 2023 - 5:04 pm

Israel-Hamas conflict, always complicated, dese truce agreements seem important, hope it brings some peace. Yahya Sinwar’s visit, interesting, but can we trust his words?


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