Fox News Producer Departs After On-Air Message Referring to President Biden as a ‘Wannabe Dictator’

by Joshua Brown
Fox News Producer Resignation

Following an on-air headline that labeled President Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator” due to the indictment of former President Donald Trump, a longtime producer for Tucker Carlson has left Fox News after being held responsible for the incident.

Alex McCaskill, the producer in question, confirmed his departure through an Instagram post. Fox News declined to comment on the matter.

Despite Tucker Carlson’s termination on April 24, McCaskill had remained at Fox News. The exact reason for Carlson’s abrupt dismissal, which occurred less than a week after Fox settled a defamation case with Dominion Voting Systems for $787 million, has not been publicly disclosed.

The controversial message appeared in the final moments of Carlson’s previous time slot on Tuesday. It was displayed alongside separate onscreen boxes featuring Biden and Trump conversing. The text read: “Wannabe dictator speaks at the White House after having his political rival arrested.”

In a Twitter monologue posted on Thursday, Carlson mentioned that “the women who run the network panicked” upon seeing the post and reprimanded the responsible individual. Although he didn’t mention the producer by name, Carlson described him as “one of the most capable persons in the building.”

McCaskill offered to resign with a two-week notice but was instructed to clear his desk and leave immediately, according to his account.

Fox News issued a statement on Wednesday, acknowledging that the on-screen text had been removed and the matter had been “addressed” without providing further details.

A picture of McCaskill outside Fox’s Manhattan office holding a box was shared on Instagram and later posted on Twitter by Justin Baragona of The Daily Beast. The accompanying message read, “Today was my last day at Fox. It’s been a wild 10 years, and it was the best place I’ve ever worked because of the great people I met. But the time has come. I asked them to let me go, and they finally did. To all my friends there: I will miss you forever.”

Attempts to reach McCaskill for comment through a listed phone number were unsuccessful.

Many critics of President Biden have insinuated that politics played a role in the indictment of Trump by special prosecutor Jack Smith on charges of classified document hoarding and resisting government retrieval attempts. Biden has not publicly commented on the case.

McCaskill was previously named in a lawsuit filed by former Fox producer Abby Grossberg, who also worked on Carlson’s team. Grossberg’s lawsuit alleged that McCaskill consistently belittled female employees at Fox. According to the lawsuit, he criticized a room designated for breastfeeding employees, referring to it as a “waste of space” and suggested it be replaced with a room for men to tan their testicles.

Fox News has denied the allegations made in Grossberg’s lawsuit.

Contributors Beatrice Dupuy, a correspondent for Big Big News, and Rhonda Shafner, a researcher, contributed to this report from New York.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Fox News producer, on-air message, President Biden, controversy

Who is the Fox News producer that left after the on-air message controversy?

The Fox News producer who left after the on-air message controversy is Alex McCaskill.

What was the on-air message that caused the controversy?

The on-air message referred to President Joe Biden as a “wannabe dictator” and mentioned the indictment of former President Donald Trump.

Why did Tucker Carlson get fired from Fox News?

The exact reason for Tucker Carlson’s termination from Fox News has not been publicly explained. It occurred less than a week after Fox settled a defamation case with Dominion Voting Systems.

What was the producer’s role in the controversy?

Alex McCaskill, the producer, was deemed responsible for the on-air headline referring to President Biden as a “wannabe dictator.”

Was there any workplace harassment involved?

McCaskill was named in a lawsuit filed by a former Fox producer, Abby Grossberg, accusing him of habitually belittling female employees. Fox News has denied the allegations.

What was the outcome for the producer?

McCaskill offered to resign with a two-week notice but was instructed to leave immediately. He confirmed his departure in an Instagram post.

Did President Biden comment on the case?

No, President Biden has not publicly commented on the indictment of former President Donald Trump or the controversy surrounding the on-air message.

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FreeSpeechAdvocate June 16, 2023 - 9:09 pm

finally, someone calling out biden for what he is! fox news producer got punished for speaking the truth. censorship is real! #freespeech #biasedmedia

NewsJunkie22 June 16, 2023 - 9:42 pm

lol tucker carlson got fired but producer still gone too? fox news messin up big time. they need to explain why!!! what happened with dominion case? shady stuff!

PoliticalDebater June 17, 2023 - 11:07 am

Fox news should be held accountable for spreading misinformation. calling biden a dictator? that’s ridiculous! media should be responsible and fair. fox news needs some serious changes.

MediaWatcher99 June 17, 2023 - 6:46 pm

Fox news in hot water again! This on-air message calling biden wannabe dictator is just another example of their biased reporting. workplace harassment allegations too? not a good look for them.


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