Former Federal Prosecutor Involved in Trump-Russia Inquiry Confirmed to Connecticut Supreme Court

by Michael Nguyen
Nora Dannehy Confirmation

Nora Dannehy, a former U.S. federal prosecutor who had a role in scrutinizing the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation in 2020 before unexpectedly exiting the Justice Department, was formally confirmed on Tuesday to join the Supreme Court of the State of Connecticut.

Having previously served as the inaugural female U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut from 2008 to 2010, Dannehy received confirmation from the state Senate through a 31-2 vote. Similarly, her nomination successfully passed the House of Representatives with an identical 31-2 voting margin.

A 62-year-old native of Connecticut, Dannehy spoke publicly for the first occasion during her confirmation hearings, shedding light on her decision to depart from the federal probe. The investigation she left was examining how federal agencies like the FBI initiated inquiries into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and whether there was any collaboration between Russia and the campaign of former President Donald Trump.

In her testimony to state legislators, Dannehy expressed her disquiet over then-Attorney General William Barr’s public statements regarding the Trump-Russia investigation. She also noted her significant disagreement with a preliminary report Barr contemplated disclosing ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

“My entire career at the Department of Justice has been guided by the principle of conducting all investigations in an unbiased and non-partisan manner,” Dannehy commented. “During the spring and summer of 2020, it became increasingly evident to me that the Russia investigation was diverging from this approach.”

She elaborated further, stating, “As the Attorney General increasingly took to making public comments about the ongoing criminal probe, I believed that such pronouncements were in conflict with Department of Justice guidelines.”

Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers unanimously praised Dannehy on Tuesday for her extensive legal experience. Her career has included roles as Deputy Attorney General of Connecticut, Associate General Counsel for Global Ethics and Compliance at United Technologies Corporation, and Chief Legal Counsel to Democratic Governor Ned Lamont, who nominated her for the state’s apex court.

State Senator John Kissel, the leading Republican on the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee, extolled her virtues, saying she possessed both “the ethical orientation and the intellectual rigor, along with a broad reservoir of knowledge” to excel in her new role.

Kissel added that Dannehy appeared to be “wholly impartial,” lauding her for her capability to render “balanced and impartial judgments,” free from the sway of partisan politics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Nora Dannehy Confirmation

Who is Nora Dannehy?

Nora Dannehy is a former federal prosecutor who has been confirmed as a member of the Connecticut Supreme Court. She had previously served as the first female U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut from 2008 to 2010.

Why did Nora Dannehy leave the Justice Department?

Nora Dannehy left the Justice Department due to concerns about the manner in which the Trump-Russia investigation was being conducted. Specifically, she had reservations about then-Attorney General William Barr’s public comments on the case and disagreed with a draft of an interim report he considered releasing before the 2020 presidential election.

What were the voting margins for Nora Dannehy’s confirmation?

Nora Dannehy was confirmed by the state Senate and the House of Representatives each with a 31-2 voting margin.

What did Nora Dannehy say during her confirmation hearings?

During her confirmation hearings, Nora Dannehy spoke publicly for the first time about her departure from the federal Trump-Russia investigation. She cited concerns about the objectivity of the investigation and believed that then-Attorney General William Barr’s public comments violated Department of Justice guidelines.

What roles has Nora Dannehy held in the past?

Nora Dannehy has had a diverse legal career including roles as Deputy Attorney General of Connecticut, Associate General Counsel for Global Ethics and Compliance at United Technologies Corporation, and Chief Legal Counsel to Democratic Governor Ned Lamont.

What was the bipartisan reaction to Nora Dannehy’s confirmation?

Both Democrats and Republicans praised Nora Dannehy’s extensive legal experience and her ability to make impartial judgments. State Senator John Kissel, a leading Republican on the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee, particularly noted her ethical orientation and intellectual rigor.

Who nominated Nora Dannehy to the Connecticut Supreme Court?

Nora Dannehy was nominated to the Connecticut Supreme Court by Democratic Governor Ned Lamont.

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Mike Thompson September 27, 2023 - 3:54 am

So she left cause of William Barr’s comments? Kinda makes you wonder what was really going on in that investigation.

Sarah Williams September 27, 2023 - 6:01 am

Wow, Nora Dannehy sure has had an interesting career. From Trump-Russia investigation to the State Supreme Court, thats what I call climbing the ladder.

David K. September 27, 2023 - 7:12 am

Agree with Sarah, her resume is solid. Working for a corporation, in politics and now the judiciary. Woman of many talents!


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