Former Assistant to George Santos Discloses Paying Money to Republican’s Deputy Before Landing Job

by Joshua Brown
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Rep. George Santos' bond cosigners

NEW YORK (BBN) — A former assistant to U.S. Rep. George Santos, Derek Myers, 31, has come forward to say he secured his position after making a series of payments to one of the Republican’s high-ranking assistants, Vish Burra. Myers shared this information with The Big Big News during an interview conducted by the House’s ethics subcommittee on Wednesday.

Myers divulged that he sent a total of seven $150 payments to Burra, Santos’ director of operations, as he sought to secure a position in Santos’ office in late January. Evidence of these payments, such as receipts and text messages, was presented during the interview. Myers’ account about how his payments to Burra facilitated his hiring brings into question the ethical practices surrounding Santos.

Unprompted, Myers began these payments under the belief that Burra, a staunch right-wing political figure, wasn’t receiving a salary from the House and was struggling to afford food. However, Myers also harbored hopes that these payments might increase his chances of getting the job.

“Burra was an influential individual,” Myers informed (BBN). “I was hoping he would endorse me.”

Burra, a constant presence alongside Santos, including during the congressman’s federal court arraignment last month, chose not to comment.

Following Myers’ dismissal from Santos’ team in February, House investigators interrogated him about the payments. These were part of an investigation into allegations of workplace sexual harassment brought forward by Myers.

Myers, who previously worked as a journalist, was offered a job as a legislative assistant in late January but only held the position for less than a week. Upon terminating Myers, Santos cited an unsettling background check revealing Myers had previously faced charges in Ohio for wiretapping related to publishing a recorded trial.

Myers sent a letter to the House Committee on Ethics in February, alleging his dismissal was due to his rejection of Santos’ sexual advances. Santos refuted the allegations, labeling them as “comical.”

The House Ethics Committee is currently investigating multiple allegations of inappropriate conduct against Santos. Santos has confessed to fabricating much of his personal history and is also facing federal charges, including fraud and money laundering.

Last month, Republicans in the House avoided voting on Santos’ expulsion, instead referring the case to the ethics panel. The committee has yet to reveal any interviewees or an expected timeline for their decision.

During a two-hour session on Wednesday, committee members questioned Myers about his sexual harassment allegations, his association with Burra, and any potential illegal activities he may have witnessed during his brief time in Santos’ office.

Myers provided further evidence, including email correspondence, text messages with staff, and receipts of his Venmo payments to Burra. Myers did share that Burra never solicited him for money but did once ask him to “send more pizza,” a phrase Myers interpreted as a reference to their prior use of a pizza emoji in Venmo transaction descriptions.

House investigators inquired about a text conversation between Myers and Burra shortly after Myers received his job offer. In the exchange, Myers asked Burra about his pay status, to which Burra responded that he would repay Myers.

Myers confessed to secretly recording a conversation with Santos and sharing it with a journalist. He also approached the FBI while still in Santos’ employment, contemplating the possibility of acting as a confidential informant.

Myers decided to publicize the harassment incident after he was abruptly let go from his job.

Who is Derek Myers?

Derek Myers is a former journalist and briefly served as an assistant to U.S. Representative George Santos. He was dismissed from his position in less than a week.

Why was Derek Myers dismissed from his position?

According to Santos, Myers was dismissed due to unsettling findings from a background check which revealed Myers had previously faced charges in Ohio for wiretapping related to publishing a recorded trial.

What are the allegations Myers has made against Santos?

Myers has accused Santos of making unwanted sexual advances. He also claims that he was able to secure his job in Santos’ office by making a series of payments to one of Santos’ top deputies, Vish Burra.

What was the response to Myers’ allegations?

Santos has denied the sexual harassment allegations made by Myers. The House Ethics Committee is currently investigating multiple allegations of improper conduct against Santos.

What are the charges that Santos is facing?

In addition to the ongoing investigation by the House Ethics Committee, Santos is facing federal charges that include fraud and money laundering.

What happened after Myers was dismissed from his position?

After his dismissal, Myers approached the FBI with the intention of possibly working as a confidential informant. He has also publicly voiced the harassment incident after he was forced to leave his job.

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