Florida Gov. DeSantis Reveals Political Intent Behind Disney Lawsuit

by Joshua Brown
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that Disney was acting politically when they sued him and suggested that the company should stop preferring special treatment in the state. Disney took legal action against DeSantis because he had chosen people to watch over their theme park district and it is supposedly due to his disagreements with a law called “Don’t Say Gay”.

Disney is going head to head with Governor DeSantis in a long dispute. This disagreement is getting a lot of attention because Governor DeSantis might be running for president in 2024. Disney has accused the governor of “retaliation” over something called “Don’t Say Gay” law. That’s why they took legal action against him.

Governor DeSantis said during his trip to Israel that some people are not happy with the new rules they have to follow just like everyone else. They don’t want to pay the same taxes everybody else does, and they don’t want anyone monitoring them. Governor Desantis concluded by saying that there won’t be any more businesses in Florida that are above the law and not accountable for their actions.

Governor DeSantis is taking a trip around the world to show off his skills in dealing with foreign issues. He might be running for president of the United States as part of the Republican party, which used to be led by Donald Trump.

He has been arguing with Disney recently, which makes money and gives jobs to people living in Florida. Other people he might go up against in elections disagree with him because they think it goes against what being conservative (someone who wants small government) is really about.

A disagreement started last year when Disney refused to accept a certain law in the state linked to how sexuality and gender were taught in school. People that don’t agree with this rule have named it “Don’t Say Gay”.

Mr. DeSantis took control of the area that Disney World is located in and chose a new group of people to watch over different services in the large theme parks. But before they could start, Disney made a deal that limited how much power and responsibility the supervisors would have.

Disney is suing the state and its governor. They think that their freedom to speak has been violated when the governor took over control of theme parks and set up a board to monitor everything.

In a recent speech given at Jerusalem’s Museum of Tolerance, DeSantis talked about how important the relationship between the United States and Israel is. He mentioned that only Israel has the ability to make sure everyone in Jerusalem is able to practice their religion without any problems. Additionally, he also supported Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem even though Palestinians disagreed with it.

Governor DeSantis said he disagrees with Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran because it gave too much power to the Iranian rulers. President Trump ended U.S. involvement in the agreement too. He also thinks the United States should not tell Israel how it should be governed, which is different from what President Biden wants to do. Biden doesn’t like a plan Israel has to change its judiciary system.

Governor DeSantis started his journey in Japan and then went to South Korea and now he is in Israel. After that, he plans to visit Britain. Goldenberg did a report on this trip from Tel Aviv, Israel.

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