Florida Board Gives Green Light to Sue Disney in Latest Feud

by Joshua Brown
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Disney World filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, because he disagreed with their ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill. In response to that, people on the board assigned by Governor DeSantis have now taken legal action against Disney World.

The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District has voted to sue Disney in a state court located in Orlando as well as defend itself against the lawsuit filed by Disney last Wednesday in a federal court located in Tallahassee. Disney’s lawsuit is seen by some people like the Governor of Florida, DeSantis, as politically motivated.

Disney is suing the governor, an oversight board, and its five members. They want a judge to stop the governor from taking control of the theme park district that was previously managed by Disney for 55 years. The lawsuit also claims that even though the old Disney-controlled board has given up power to Disney, the new board can still monitor design and construction on Disney World’s 25,000 acres.

Martin Garcia, who is in charge of Central Florida’s Tourism Oversight District said they will take action in the place they live. On Monday, they asked Disney for a comment. Last week, Disney started a legal battle when the group selected by DeSantis rejected a plan that allowed Disney to make decisions about building within their properties near Orlando.

Disney recently filed a lawsuit, which started an argue between them and the Governor DeSantis that has gone on since last year. People have criticized the governor because he is planning to enter a presidential election soon.

DeSantis is a Republican who said he should be able to govern his conservative beliefs without trouble. But, he’s gotten heavily involved in an argument with a very popular company and this has caused a lot of people – including those on the other side of politics – to say that his actions contrast with what conservatives usually believe.

Last year, Disney faced a lot of criticism for a law that stops teaching about lgbtq+ topics in elementary school classrooms. People even nicknamed it the “Don’t Say Gay” rule.

As a punishment, DeSantis took control of Disney World’s area. This meant that he got to choose a new set of people to be in charge of managing services for the park. Before this board could take over, Disney formed an agreement that limited the authority the new supervisors had.

In the 1960s, Disney wanted to build something special near Orlando. They told the state that they wanted to make a futuristic place with lots of new ideas on transportation and city planning. In the end, instead of building this idea, they decided to build another theme park which opened in 1982. A self-governing district was created to help Disney have control over how their land was used for this project.

The board members said that their decisions were about improving the district and making it more modern. Ron Peri mentioned how people made fun of the team and sent him mean emails. Lastly, a man who owned property from Disney told the members they should all quit their jobs.

Peri, someone who used to have a ministry in the state of Florida and has said some not-so-nice things about LGBTQ people before, wants people to give his new board a chance. He was actually surprised that Disney is suing him since he loves Disney World and takes his kids there often and calls it ‘wonderful’. Ultimately, he hopes all the actions they take will benefit everyone, even Disney.

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