Firefighters work until dawn to remove wreckage of bus carrying tourists in Venice; 21 dead

by Andrew Wright
Tragic Bus Crash in Venice

Firefighters labored through the night until dawn on Wednesday to extricate the wreckage of a bus involved in a tragic incident in Venice, Italy. Situated in a borough adjacent to the city’s iconic historic center, this accident claimed the lives of 21 individuals and left at least 15 others injured, primarily comprising foreign tourists who were en route to a nearby camping site.

The unfortunate victims of this calamity encompassed at least four Ukrainians and one German national, as confirmed by the Venice prefecture. Among the injured, including five in critical condition, were citizens of France, Spain, and Croatia, as reported by local authorities.

Regrettably, two of the deceased were children, as mentioned by Venice prefect Michele Di Bari, who further noted that a significant portion of those involved in the mishap were of a youthful demographic.

The ill-fated bus, a newly introduced electric vehicle, was transporting foreign tourists when it plunged from an elevated roadway on Tuesday evening, subsequently igniting in flames. Its route connected Piazzale Roma, nestled within Venice’s historical heart, to the Hu campground in Marghera, an adjacent borough of Venice near Mestre.

Tragically, the Italian driver, Alberto Rizzotto, lost his life in the collision. Venice prosecutors have initiated an investigation into whether Rizzotto suffered a medical episode while operating the vehicle. Renowned as an experienced driver, Alberto Rizzotto’s untimely demise has left the community in mourning, as stated by Venice city councilor Renato Boraso.

Godstime Erheneden, a witness residing in close proximity to the accident, recounted the harrowing scene. He heard a deafening crash from his apartment and promptly rushed outside, becoming one of the first individuals to render assistance to the stricken passengers. Erheneden described the traumatic experience of rescuing survivors, including a distraught woman desperately inquiring about her daughter. His recollection of discovering a toddler amidst the wreckage left an indelible mark, as he likened the child’s size to that of his own son. The tragedy’s gravity was palpable as he attempted to comfort the distraught mother.

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro of Venice conveyed his shock and sorrow via X, the platform previously known as Twitter, characterizing the scene as “apocalyptic” and announcing a period of mourning for the city.

This incident is a grim reminder of past tragedies, such as the 2017 accident near Verona, claiming the lives of 16 Hungarian students on a bus, and the 2013 catastrophe near Avellino, where 40 individuals perished when a bus veered off a viaduct, marking one of Italy’s most devastating vehicular accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Venice bus crash

What caused the bus crash in Venice?

The bus crash in Venice occurred when the newly introduced electric bus fell from an elevated street, resulting in a fiery accident.

How many casualties were there in the bus crash?

Tragically, the bus crash claimed the lives of 21 individuals, including both adults and children. Additionally, at least 15 people sustained injuries.

Were there any foreign tourists involved in the accident?

Yes, the majority of the victims were foreign tourists who were returning to a nearby camping site in Venice. Nationalities among the injured and deceased included Ukrainians, Germans, French, Spanish, and Croatians.

What happened to the bus driver?

The Italian driver, Alberto Rizzotto, lost his life in the crash. Authorities are currently investigating whether he experienced a medical issue while driving.

How did witnesses respond to the accident?

Witness Godstime Erheneden described rushing to the scene, assisting injured passengers, and recalling the distressing moments of discovering a toddler amidst the wreckage.

Is this incident similar to previous accidents in Italy?

Yes, sadly, Italy has witnessed other tragic bus accidents in the past, such as the 2017 incident near Verona involving Hungarian students and the 2013 catastrophe near Avellino.

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AnonymousReviewer23 October 4, 2023 - 10:50 am

such a sad story, bus crash in venice! terrible. many tourists, ukrainians, germans, french, spanish, croatians hurt or dead. driver alberto rizzotto also dead. bus fell. investigation. tragic.

NewsJunkie82 October 4, 2023 - 12:58 pm

another bus accident in italy? seriously?! this is like deja vu, so many lives lost over the years, something needs to change!


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