Federal Prosecutors Intend to Pursue New Charges Against Hunter Biden by Month-End

by Sophia Chen
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Hunter Biden Indictment

According to legal documents submitted on Wednesday, federal prosecutors are preparing to request that a grand jury bring forth an indictment against Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, before the end of September.

The precise nature of the charges Hunter Biden may face remains undefined but seems to be linked to a previous gun possession charge wherein he was alleged to have owned a firearm while being a substance abuser. Federal authorities have also been scrutinizing his business transactions.

Additional Context

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David Weiss, the U.S. Attorney for Delaware recently appointed as special counsel for the case, specified a deadline of September 29 for seeking an indictment in a status report mandated by Judge Maryellen Noreika.

Legal representatives for Hunter Biden claim that he has complied with the stipulations of an agreement that would exempt him from prosecution on a felony gun charge provided he remains law-abiding and abstains from substance abuse.

The aforementioned agreement also included a clause granting immunity from federal prosecution for certain other possible offenses. This arrangement was a component of a collapsed plea bargain related to misdemeanor tax violations, which disintegrated during a July court session. The defense contends that the agreement still holds.

The prospect of a new indictment arises at a time when House Republicans are gearing up for a potential impeachment investigation into President Biden. The basis for this inquiry revolves around uncorroborated allegations that he was involved in his son’s overseas business activities while serving as vice president.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy recently indicated to Fox News that based on the accumulated evidence, initiating an impeachment inquiry appears to be the next logical step.

Since Republicans assumed control of the House this January, Hunter Biden has been the subject of multiple legislative inquiries. Lawmakers have acquired thousands of pages of financial documentation relating to various members of the Biden family through Treasury Department and financial institution subpoenas. Currently, three influential House committees are engaged in multiple investigative avenues concerning both the President and his son.

Although Republicans have tried to directly tie Hunter Biden’s financial matters to his father, evidence corroborating that the President had an active role in his son’s enterprises has yet to surface, despite occasional social interactions with Hunter Biden’s clients.

In recent times, Republican focus has shifted towards scrutinizing the Justice Department’s ongoing investigation of Hunter Biden. This pivot follows whistleblower allegations suggesting that Hunter Biden has enjoyed preferential treatment throughout the multi-year investigation.

Previously, in June, Hunter Biden faced charges for two misdemeanor counts for failing to pay over $100,000 in taxes on incomes exceeding $1.5 million for both 2017 and 2018. Although an agreement with the prosecution had been reached, recommending two years of probation, the case disintegrated during a July hearing. Judge Noreika, a Trump appointee, expressed several reservations about the details of the plea arrangement and her own role in the legal process.

Inquiries for comments were not immediately returned by attorneys representing Hunter Biden. The Office of White House Counsel deferred all questions to Hunter Biden’s personal legal team, and the Justice Department refrained from making an immediate statement.


Reporting by Big Big News was supplemented by Farnoush Amiri.

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