Fatal Bus Accident Near Venice’s Historic Center Claims 21 Lives, Including Ukrainian Tourists

by Ryan Lee
Bus Accident Near Venice

A minimum of 21 individuals lost their lives and another 18 were injured in a devastating bus accident that occurred in a suburb of Venice, Italy, located across the lagoon from the city’s iconic center. Emergency services, including firefighters, labored through the night to extinguish the fire and recover the deceased.

The bus was transporting international tourists, Ukrainians among them, stated an official from Venice. The vehicle plummeted from a raised roadway in Mestre on its way to a camping location near the Marghera district.

“The occupants of the bus found themselves engulfed in fire,” reported Mauro Luongo, the lead officer of the Venice firefighting unit. “The situation we encountered was horrific. The extraction of some bodies required approximately an hour.”

Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, used a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, to describe the wreckage site as “cataclysmic” and subsequently announced that the city was officially in mourning.

Renato Boraso, an official from the city of Venice, indicated that four of the injured are in critical condition after the incident, which took place a mere 9 km (approximately 3.7 miles) northwest of Venice’s historic center. Michele Di Bari, the prefect of Venice, confirmed that two of the deceased were minors.

Victims were dispersed to five separate medical facilities within the area for treatment.

Local media outlets reported that the bus fell several meters before colliding near the railway tracks in Mestre, where it then became engulfed in flames.

The Governor of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, in an interview with RAI state television, stated that the precise cause of this calamitous event remains undetermined.

“This is a significant tragedy, but the circumstances leading to it are yet to be comprehended,” Zaia remarked. “The vehicle was both new and electrically powered, and the roadway where the incident occurred is not known for being especially hazardous.”

In past years, Italy has witnessed similar tragedies. In 2017, 16 individuals died in a bus accident carrying Hungarian students near the northern city of Verona. Additionally, in 2013, Italy experienced one of its most deadly vehicular accidents when a bus careened off a viaduct near the southern city of Avellino, resulting in 40 fatalities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bus Accident Near Venice

What caused the bus accident near Venice?

The precise cause of the bus accident near Venice is still unclear. Governor Luca Zaia mentioned that it’s challenging to understand how it happened, especially considering the bus was new and electric, and the road wasn’t known for being particularly hazardous.

How many casualties were there in the accident?

The bus accident resulted in at least 21 fatalities and 18 injuries. Four of the injured were in serious condition, and two of the deceased were children.

Where did the accident occur in relation to Venice’s historic center?

The accident took place in Mestre, a suburb of Venice, located across the lagoon from the city’s historic center

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