ESPN’s New Afternoon Lineup – Catch Pat McAfee’s Show

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Pat McAfee’s show is making the switch to ESPN, and they announced it on Tuesday!

He first worked with ESPN in 2019 as an analyst for Thursday night college football games. Last year he came back to be part of “College GameDay” plus host some extra presentations about different ESPN games like the CFP National Championship.

McAfee’s show has been really popular recently. It started on a satellite radio station in 2016 and went big in 2019 when it was streamed on YouTube. Over the past three years, most of the show aired on YouTube, but starting this fall it is moving to ESPN. The show will probably start around noon Eastern time, after “First Take” finishes.

McAfee recently ended a deal with FanDuel that sounds like they paid $120 million. His show often features Aaron Rodgers (most known for his move to the New York Jets) and sometimes has swear words in it, but he’s now saying there will be less of that even though the show will stay the same.

McAfee said they won’t change anything at all and that other words remain fine just the way it is – except for one, since it’s the middle of the day. Additionally, ESPN also shared news of a special documentary featuring Serena Williams and four big college football matches coming soon.

ESPN’s new series “In the Arena: Serena Williams” has just begun! It follows their previous series about Tom Brady, which was made up of 10 episodes about his Super Bowl season. The number of episodes for Williams hasn’t been announced yet, but it won’t be based on her 23 grand slam titles.

“We’re working on something cool, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it turns out! Everyone is excited about this project,” said Pitaro. Williams was also there to be part of the presentation. The series will be directed by Gotham Chopra and made with help from ESPN, Religion of Sports, Brady’s 199 Productions, Nine Two Six Productions (which is owned by both Williams and Caroline Currier).

On Labor Day weekend, Florida State and LSU will have a game that is going to be aired on ABC, and it’ll take place in Orlando. Later in the month of September, Alabama will host Texas for a game that is going to be on ESPN. During October, ABC will show the Texas-Oklahoma rivalry game from Dallas. Finally, in November, the Notre Dame-Clemson game will also be shown on ABC.

ESPN’s presentation was part of the plan from Walt Disney Company to advertise on Tuesday. Before this, ESPN and other networks owned by Disney had separate events but then they decided to do just one big event instead. The reason behind this change was due to the request from advertisers to do fewer events.

The Walt Disney Company, including ESPN, are letting some people go in order to save money. This was announced by the CEO Bob Iger in February. In the first round of layoffs last month, some employees of ESPN already lost their jobs and more will be cut through non-renewal of contracts or buyouts this summer.

The last few weeks have been really difficult. People are looking forward to finishing this month and starting over. Our situation is more complex now because fewer homes watch regular TV shows, which puts a lot of pressure on the business.

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