Erykah Badu basks in her new era of reinvention and expansion

by Sophia Chen
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Erykah Badu: A Culture Shifter and Influencer

Erykah Badu has been a prominent figure in shaping culture and influencing music and fashion for over two decades. Even before the rise of social media, she unintentionally held the role of a trendsetter. Badu acknowledges her impact, recognizing her influence in music and style across the world.

Collaboration with Marni: A Highly Anticipated Collection

Given Badu’s cultural significance, her collaboration with Italian fashion house Marni garnered much anticipation. The Marni x Erykah Badu capsule collection, consisting of 42 pieces, including women’s ready-to-wear garments, accessories, and footwear, was released in select U.S. Marni boutiques. Badu, known for her creativity and eccentric style, played a hands-on role in all aspects of the collection’s creation, ensuring a truly unique and creative outcome.

A Versatile Muse for Designers

Badu’s versatility and ability to march to the beat of her own drum have made her a muse for designers. From flea market finds to runway fashion, Badu can effortlessly work any style. Her collaboration with various brands is a testament to her iconic status and the inspiration she provides to designers seeking to work with her.

Balancing Fashion, Music, and Business Ventures

While venturing into the fashion industry and pursuing other business opportunities, Erykah Badu remains firmly rooted in her music career. She discusses her businesses and creative endeavors in a video interview, where she effortlessly blurs the line between entertainer and philosopher.

Fearlessness and Reinvention

Badu exudes creative fearlessness and embraces the non-conformist path. She draws confidence from her bravery and takes every experience, even moments of perceived failure, as lessons to reinvent herself continually. This fearless approach extends beyond her artistic endeavors and spills into her role as a birthing and end-of-life doula, where she has assisted friends, family, and even celebrities.

Expansion into the Cannabis Industry

As a champion for Black women and free thinking, Badu has entered the cannabis industry by partnering with Cookies, a renowned legal marijuana brand. Her line, “That Badu,” was born out of an idea that began in the early 2000s and became a reality around four years ago. Badu was heavily involved in all aspects of the line, from marketing to packaging. Her presence in the industry inspires other women to get involved and earn respect within the cannabis game.

Music: The Core of Badu’s Universe

Music remains at the center of Badu’s universe, around which her other ventures revolve. She believes everything is vibration and sound, and her connection to music is deeply therapeutic. Badu’s eclectic musical taste ranges from wind chimes in the morning to Brent Faiyaz in the afternoon, encompassing a wide spectrum of frequencies. Her creativity is intertwined with her love for music and its healing properties.

Impact Beyond Hits: Introducing “Stay Woke”

One of Badu’s most impactful contributions came with the song “Master Teacher Medley” on her 2008 album “New Amerykah Part One (4th World War).” Produced by Shafiq Husayn, this song is credited with reintroducing the term “stay woke” to a new generation, as collaborator Georgia Anne Muldrow chants those words. While the phrase has taken on a life of its own, especially in the context of social protests like Black Lives Matter, Badu felt the need to address its politicization and bring it back to its original purpose.

A Journey of Gratitude and Optimism

As Badu embarks on her own odyssey, she approaches life with gratitude and optimism. She cherishes every day

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