Earthquake in eastern China knocks down houses and injures at least 21, but no deaths reported

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An earthquake struck eastern China before dawn on Sunday, causing damage to houses and injuring at least 21 people, but fortunately, no fatalities were reported, according to state media. The earthquake, measuring a magnitude of 5.5 according to the China Earthquake Networks Center and 5.4 according to the U.S. Geological Survey, occurred near the city of Dezhou, approximately 300 kilometers (185 miles) south of Beijing, at 2:33 a.m.

As a result of the quake, 126 homes collapsed, and 21 individuals sustained injuries, as reported by China Central Television and other news outlets. Videos on social media showed residents of Dezhou seeking safety outdoors, with fallen bricks and cracked walls evident in the aftermath.

Authorities have been inspecting train lines for potential damage, and gas service in some areas was shut off due to pipe damage. The earthquake’s depth was approximately 10 kilometers (six miles) below the surface.

Although tremors were felt in parts of Beijing, no damage was found in the capital city. The earthquake’s shallow depth contributed to its strong impact, according to Abreu Paris, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Earthquake Information Center.

Dezhou and the surrounding area, under the administration of the city, are home to around 5.6 million people, according to the city government website. As authorities assess the extent of the damage, relief efforts and support will likely be provided to those affected by the earthquake.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Earthquake

Q: What happened during the earthquake in eastern China?

A: The earthquake in eastern China caused houses to collapse and resulted in injuries to at least 21 people, as reported by state media. Fortunately, no deaths were reported.

Q: Where did the earthquake occur?

A: The earthquake struck near the city of Dezhou, approximately 300 kilometers (185 miles) south of Beijing, the capital of China.

Q: What were the magnitude measurements of the earthquake?

A: The China Earthquake Networks Center recorded the magnitude as 5.5, while the U.S. Geological Survey reported it as 5.4.

Q: Were there any casualties reported in the earthquake?

A: Thankfully, no deaths were reported as a result of the earthquake. However, 21 people sustained injuries, and 126 homes collapsed.

Q: What impact did the earthquake have on the region’s infrastructure?

A: The earthquake led to damages in some areas, resulting in the shutdown of gas service due to damage to pipes. Authorities also inspected train lines for potential damage.

Q: Did the earthquake have any effects on Beijing, the capital city?

A: Tremors were felt in parts of Beijing, but no damage from the earthquake was reported in the capital.

Q: How deep was the earthquake’s epicenter?

A: The earthquake’s epicenter was approximately 10 kilometers (six miles) below the surface.

Q: How did residents and locals respond to the earthquake?

A: Videos on social media showed Dezhou residents seeking safety outdoors in the predawn darkness after the quake, while authorities worked to assess the situation and provide support to those affected.

Q: Is there a risk of aftershocks following this earthquake?

A: The possibility of aftershocks is always present after an earthquake, and authorities will likely continue monitoring seismic activity in the region.

More about Earthquake

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