Drug deal likely sparked Denver mass shooting after Nuggets’ NBA win, police say

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Denver mass shooting

Denver Mass Shooting Likely Triggered by Drug Deal Following Nuggets’ NBA Win, Police Report

According to the police, a shooting took place in downtown Denver after fans were celebrating the Nuggets’ triumphant NBA championship victory. Investigators believe that the incident was sparked by a drug deal gone awry. The violence resulted in 10 individuals sustaining injuries, including one of the suspected shooters.

Chief Ron Thomas, speaking at a press conference, assured the public that all of the wounded are expected to recover. Among the victims, five or six were innocent bystanders who were not involved in the drug transaction. The shooting occurred approximately a mile away from Ball Arena, where the Nuggets had defeated the Miami Heat on Monday night. Chief Thomas mentioned that approximately 20 shots were fired during the incident.

Police spokesperson Doug Schepman stated that the shooting occurred in an area where a large crowd had initially gathered to celebrate, although the number of people present had significantly dwindled by that time.

The gunfire erupted around 12:30 a.m., approximately three and a half hours after the conclusion of the game, according to the Denver Police Department’s statement.

Scott D’Angelo, who was livestreaming at the time, recalled hearing a series of loud pops that immediately caused chaos. People began scrambling for cover, diving over cement barricades. In response, police officers in riot gear quickly took cover and drew their weapons while urging others to find shelter.

While crouching on the ground, 58-year-old D’Angelo described feeling a surge of nerves and anticipated an asthma attack.

As law enforcement officers cautiously moved toward the source of the gunfire, D’Angelo overheard a female voice nearby screaming in agony. Another victim lay a short distance away, with officers rushing to provide immediate aid.

D’Angelo, upon reviewing his footage, estimated that the shooting lasted for approximately 20 seconds. He promptly handed over the recorded material to the authorities. As ambulances arrived at the scene, D’Angelo noticed a long trail of blood, indicating a severely injured victim. Bullet casings were scattered just feet away from where he had sought refuge on the ground.

The shooting occurred in Denver’s LoDo district, a popular area known for its restaurants and nightlife. Police tape cordoned off the scene overnight as investigators meticulously examined the area. Evidence markers and remnants from the celebrations, such as an e-scooter and a green rental bike, could be seen.

D’Angelo expressed feeling emotionally numb after witnessing the violence, emphasizing the senselessness of targeting innocent bystanders.

“I can’t fully articulate the overwhelming mix of emotions that arise when someone deliberately targets and shoots at innocent people,” he shared.

Correction: The police have updated the information to clarify that one of the suspects was among the 10 individuals shot at the scene.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Denver mass shooting

What sparked the mass shooting in Denver during the NBA celebration?

The mass shooting in Denver during the NBA celebration was likely sparked by a drug deal gone wrong, according to the police.

How many people were injured in the shooting?

A total of 10 people were wounded in the shooting, including one of the suspected shooters.

Are the injured expected to survive?

Yes, all of the injured individuals, including the bystanders who were not involved in the drug deal, are expected to survive, as confirmed by Chief Ron Thomas.

How many shots were fired during the incident?

Approximately 20 rounds were fired at the scene of the shooting, which occurred in downtown Denver’s LoDo district.

When did the shooting take place?

The shooting took place around 12:30 a.m., approximately 3 1/2 hours after the Nuggets’ NBA championship victory.

Was anyone livestreaming during the shooting?

Yes, Scott D’Angelo was livestreaming when the shooting occurred. He captured footage of the incident, which he later handed over to law enforcement.

What actions did the police take during the shooting?

Upon hearing the gunfire, police officers in riot gear took cover, drew their weapons, and urged people to find shelter. They subsequently moved toward the gunfire and provided medical assistance to the victims.

Where did the shooting occur?

The shooting occurred in downtown Denver’s LoDo district, known for its restaurants and nightlife.

How did witnesses and bystanders react to the shooting?

Witnesses and bystanders dove for cover, jumped over cement barricades, and experienced a state of panic during the shooting. Scott D’Angelo, one of the witnesses, described feeling nervous and witnessed others in distress.

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