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The Met Gala is coming up! Tune into Big Big News for updates about this event. We’ll have news all day, from the red carpet and behind the scenes. This year is special because it celebrates the late Karl Lagerfeld, a well-known fashion designer. Don’t miss out on following all of the excitement!

“Choupette Lagerfeld Stays Home

This year people were really interested and excited to find out who would be on the Met Gala’s guest list. One interesting name that kept being talked about was 11-year-old Choupette Lagerfeld, a cat belonging to the late designer Karl Lagerfield. Everyone was curious if his pet would come from France to New York for this special event. But, unfortunately, the answer is no.

Choupette, who is sort of like a human with thumbs, wrote on Instagram that while they were very grateful her “Daddy” was being honored, they preferred to stay at home instead. She said she wouldn’t be walking up the famous stairs.

Monday morning, her account posted a photo. Even if she now wants to go, she could still make it in time for the party – it takes about 8 hours to fly from Paris to New York and cats don’t need to stay in quarantine when they return as long as they are from American states. That’s what we’ve been told.

“Step inside the MET’s Karl Lagerfeld exhibit and see the ‘Fashion doesn’t belong in a museum’ quote!”

The Associated Press’s Jocelyn Noveck got to preview the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Karl Lagerfeld exhibit. A funny message was written on a doorway that said: “Fashion doesn’t belong in a museum.” But, when you get there, you’ll find 14 different sections inside showcasing fashion! The quote from Karl Lagerfeld himself is included in this fancy exhibit, but excludes his more controversial opinions.

Unpacking the Complicated Legacy of a Controversial Fashion Designer

Tonight, a late fashion designer is the focus of our coverage. However, some people criticized the designer because they disagree with things he said before – such as bad comments about people from other countries and rude words used to describe fat people. Our entertainment writer Leanne Italie will explain why this designer has a complicated yet important legacy.

Ready for Takeoff

This year’s Met Gala will be celebrating a fashion designer called Karl Lagerfeld. His new exhibition is titled “A Line of Beauty” and the event will most likely have some incredible looking outfits.

The guest list for this event is top secret, but we do know that Jocelyn Noveck, a national writer from AP, will be there to give us exclusive info about who will be walking up the steps at this iconic event.

The stars were all dressed up for the most important night in fashion – Met Gala 2023. They all departed from The Mark Hotel and now, they’re ready to show off their style!

Get the Inside Scoop on This Year’s Met Gala—Live!

At 6:30 p.m. Eastern, you can join the livestream of the Met Gala on Vogue.com. Also, in the late afternoon there will be a live stream from the Mark Hotel to give everyone a sneak peek of what’s going on at the Gala. To find out more about the event, visit www.bigbignews.net/met-gala.

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