Donald Trump Joins Megyn Kelly for an Interview, Marking Eight Years Since Their Contentious Debate Exchange

by Joshua Brown
Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump Interview

Eight years after a confrontational encounter during a GOP debate in the summer of 2015, former President Donald Trump and journalist Megyn Kelly reunited for an interview broadcasted via satellite radio this Thursday. The past years have been a dramatic departure in both circumstances and time from that contentious episode.

Kelly, who was a prominent figure at Fox News during that time, sparked a significant backlash from Trump by questioning him about his past interactions with women. Trump retorted vehemently, and his supporters followed suit, leading to threats that left Kelly concerned for her safety.

Having previously had a stint at NBC News, Megyn Kelly is now in the midst of reviving her career as a journalist and commentator. She hosts a podcast that has been transformed into a two-hour weekday program on SiriusXM radio. Last week, Sirius announced a contractual agreement with Kelly that extends beyond the 2024 presidential election.

Do the tensions of the past persist?

Megyn Kelly expressed earlier this summer that the animosities between them have been “put to rest.” This was largely evident in the interview recorded this week at Trump’s residence in Bedminster, New Jersey, where only a fleeting reference was made to their turbulent debate exchange.

In the interview, Trump declared, “That was a bad question.” To which Kelly replied, “That was a great question.”

“It was a nasty question,” he retorted.

“It was appropriate,” she affirmed, swiftly moving the conversation forward by saying, “You managed it effectively. Your poll ratings actually increased. Let’s proceed.”

The 2015 Republican primary debate commanded an astonishing viewership of 24 million people when it aired on Fox. During the debate, Kelly as moderator pointed out that Trump had previously disparaged women with derogatory language. Trump attempted to defuse the situation with a quip, saying, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.” Kelly persisted, arguing that his remarks extended beyond O’Donnell and questioned the appropriateness of his temperament for presidential office.

Post-debate, Trump took to Twitter and other media outlets to criticize Kelly, leading Fox News executive Roger Ailes to request an apology from Trump. Kelly later disclosed her concerns for her safety, particularly when accompanied by her children.

After her departure from Fox, Kelly joined NBC News. However, her tenure there was brief and ended following a controversial comment she made about blackface. Kelly then initiated her own podcast in September 2020, which was eventually adopted by SiriusXM and has garnered high rankings on Chartable’s list of news podcasts.

In the recent interview, Kelly addressed a range of questions, some amicable and some challenging. For example, she questioned Trump’s failure to abolish birthright citizenship and his decision not to fire Anthony Fauci, a figure highly controversial among conservatives. However, she abstained from challenging Trump on his claims about the 2020 presidential election, later stating that persistent fact-checking would prolong the interview excessively.

Kelly asserted that the interview was not intended to be an adversarial encounter, praising Trump’s performance and openly questioning whether President Joe Biden could have managed even a fraction of the conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump Interview

What is the main subject of this article?

The main subject of this article is the recent interview between journalist Megyn Kelly and former President Donald Trump. The article also contextualizes this interview by recalling their controversial exchange during the 2015 GOP debate.

Who conducted the interview and where was it aired?

The interview was conducted by Megyn Kelly and was aired on her two-hour weekday program on SiriusXM radio.

How has Megyn Kelly’s career evolved since the 2015 GOP debate?

After the 2015 GOP debate, Megyn Kelly left Fox News and briefly joined NBC News, where her tenure ended following a controversial comment about blackface. She then started her own podcast in September 2020, which has since been adopted by SiriusXM and has garnered high rankings on Chartable’s list of news podcasts.

What topics were covered in the recent interview between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump?

The recent interview covered a range of topics, including the 2015 debate, birthright citizenship, and Anthony Fauci’s role during the Trump administration. Kelly also asked Trump about his legal challenges and his perspective on the 2020 presidential election, although she did not challenge his claims about the latter.

Were there any references to their past animosity during the interview?

While the interview was largely cordial, there was a brief exchange about the contentious question Kelly had asked Trump during the 2015 GOP debate. Both offered contrasting views on the appropriateness of the question, but the topic was quickly set aside.

What was Megyn Kelly’s stance on fact-checking Donald Trump’s claims during the interview?

Megyn Kelly indicated that she chose not to constantly fact-check Trump’s claims, especially about the 2020 presidential election. She explained that doing so would excessively prolong the interview and potentially bore the audience.

What contract does Megyn Kelly currently have with SiriusXM?

Megyn Kelly has a contract with SiriusXM that extends beyond the 2024 presidential election. Her podcast has been turned into a two-hour weekday show on the satellite radio network.

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Reader45 September 15, 2023 - 9:25 am

wow this interview betwen megyn kelly an donald trump it get a lots attenton! i memba that big debate in 2015, so much drama!

PoliticsFan1 September 15, 2023 - 11:01 am

kelly she askin tuff questionz but trump he not backin down, he still sayin his view. interstin intervu.

HistoryBuff2 September 15, 2023 - 12:04 pm

this remind me 2015, lots chang

NewsJunkie77 September 16, 2023 - 12:07 am

fact checkin all time boring? but it important for truth!

PodcastLover September 16, 2023 - 3:06 am

megyn kelly she doin good with her podcast, now on sirius xm, she makin her own way.


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