Dog who survived 72 days in mountains after owner’s death is regaining weight and back on hiking trails

by Madison Thomas
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A devoted canine, who endured a harrowing 72 days amidst the unforgiving Colorado mountains following her owner’s demise due to hypothermia during a hiking expedition, has successfully regained most of the weight she had lost during her ordeal and has resumed her adventures on the trails, as confirmed by the family on Thursday.

Rich Moore, a 71-year-old resident of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, embarked on an expedition to ascend Blackhead Peak on August 19, accompanied by his faithful Jack Russell terrier named Finney. Tragically, he did not return home, leading to an extensive search effort spanning several days, yet yielding no results.

It was only on October 30 that a hunter stumbled upon his lifeless body, with a steadfast and protective Finney by his side, in the rugged terrain of the San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado. During this protracted ordeal, Finney had endured the loss of nearly half her body weight, her ribs becoming visible, as authorities have noted.

Remarkably, less than three weeks after her rescue, Finney’s condition has significantly improved, as reported by Dana Holby, the widow of Rich Moore. Holby conveyed to The Big Big News on Thursday, “Finney is doing well. She has managed to reclaim nearly all of her lost weight, and her strength is nearly back to its former vigor. She truly is a miraculous dog.”

Nevertheless, there is a minor injury on Finney’s snout, which may result in a lasting scar, Holby mentioned. “She is now 3 years old, exceedingly affectionate, and never lets me out of her sight,” Holby continued. “Her insatiable appetite has subsided somewhat, although initially, she could not satiate her hunger and sought nourishment at all hours of the day and night.”

Finney’s remarkable tale of survival has elevated her to a position of prominence among hikers frequenting the trails around Pagosa Springs, Holby shared. “People often inquire, ‘Is that Finney?'” to which Holby enthusiastically responds, “Yes!”

Holby emphasized, “She provides me with immense solace and proves to be an exceptional companion during our daily hikes, covering distances of 4 to 5 miles (6.5 to 8 kilometers).”

Reflecting on Finney’s unwavering loyalty, Holby added, “I am certain that she remained by Rich’s side until the very end, providing him with the companionship he needed. I am astounded by her resilience and steadfastness throughout this ordeal.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Survival

Q: What happened to the owner and the dog during their hiking trip in the Colorado mountains?

A: The owner, Rich Moore, tragically succumbed to hypothermia during the hiking trip, while his loyal dog, Finney, miraculously survived after spending 72 days in the mountains.

Q: How did Finney’s condition change after her rescue?

A: Following her rescue, Finney has made a remarkable recovery. She has regained most of the weight she lost during her ordeal and her strength has nearly returned to normal. However, she did sustain a minor injury on her snout.

Q: How has Finney’s story impacted the local hiking community?

A: Finney’s story of survival has made her a famous figure among hikers in the Pagosa Springs area. She has become a symbol of resilience and loyalty, often recognized and admired by those on the trails.

Q: What is the significance of Finney’s companionship to her owner, Rich Moore?

A: Finney’s unwavering loyalty was evident as she stayed by Rich Moore’s side until the very end. Her presence provided comfort and companionship to her owner during their challenging journey in the mountains.

Q: Are there any lasting effects on Finney from her ordeal?

A: Finney has a minor injury on her snout that may leave a scar, but otherwise, she has made a remarkable recovery and is back to enjoying daily hikes with her owner’s widow, Dana Holby.

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