Displaced Jewish Families Seek Solace in Hungarian Rural Retreat

by Ryan Lee
Jewish refugee sanctuary

Zusha Pletnyov departed from Luhansk, eastern Ukraine, in 2014 due to the conflict with Russian-supported insurgents. After relocating to Kyiv, he sought refuge in Israel amid the comprehensive assault by Russia in February last year.

As a devout Jew, Pletnyov, with his family, hoped for a fresh start in Ashkelon, near the Gaza Strip. However, recent hostilities from Gaza forced them to flee once more, this time to a Hungarian sanctuary for Jewish refugees.

Pletnyov finds the camp, a repurposed, long-abandoned state resort beside Lake Balaton, to be a profound source of comfort. The camp, initially established for Jewish Ukrainian refugees post-Russia’s incursion, now shelters approximately 250 individuals, including 100 children, many of whom have come from Israel following the events of October 7.

The facility offers private accommodations, a communal building for kosher dining, and provides an environment of support and community. Activities available include sports, dance, and access to yeshiva for religious education.

Rabbi Mandel Moscowitz, who oversees the camp, ensures the well-being of the inhabitants, catering to a spectrum of Jewish backgrounds.

Eva Kopolovich, a psychotherapist from near the Israeli-Lebanese border, was evacuated alongside 160,000 others by the Israeli Defense Forces following the attacks. A Hungary native, she returned with her family to her birth country, finding solace at the camp with others who empathize with the dislocation experience.

Many residents, like Moscowitz, who hails from Kharkiv, Ukraine, have sought asylum in the camp after initially fleeing to Israel. Their shared displacement aids Moscowitz in understanding and addressing the needs of the refugees.

Slomo Koves, a senior rabbi in the Hungarian Jewish community, acknowledges the distressing need for such a refuge in today’s Europe, despite pride in Hungary’s humanitarian role.

While some families have gone back to Israel, others remain at the camp, hopeful for peace in Ukraine, Israel, and globally.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jewish refugee sanctuary

What is the purpose of the camp in Hungary for Jewish refugees?

The camp serves as a sanctuary for Jewish refugees, offering them shelter, kosher meals, and a community with activities like sports, dancing, and religious studies. It was initially opened for Ukrainian Jewish refugees and now houses those affected by the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Who is eligible to stay at the Jewish refugee camp in Hungary?

The camp is open to all Jews, regardless of their level of religious observance, including Orthodox, secular, or non-observing individuals. It accommodates refugees who have been displaced due to the conflicts in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip.

How many people does the Hungarian refugee camp currently shelter?

The camp currently houses around 250 individuals, which includes approximately 100 children. These refugees are primarily those who have recently fled from Israel following attacks by Hamas.

What facilities and services are provided at the Hungarian refugee camp?

The camp offers detached housing units, a central building for dining with three kosher meals a day, and various activities. Services also include health and psychological support, and the opportunity for religious education at a yeshiva.

What has been the reaction of the displaced Jewish families to the camp in Hungary?

The families have expressed a sense of comfort and community at the camp, as it provides a space where they can connect with others who have undergone similar experiences of displacement and seek refuge from conflict.

How does the camp’s rabbi relate to the refugees’ experiences?

Rabbi Mandel Moscowitz, having been displaced himself due to the invasion of Ukraine, understands the needs of the refugees and utilizes his experience to provide better support to those seeking refuge in the camp.

What are the future plans for the families at the Hungarian camp?

While some families have returned to Israel, many intend to stay at the camp for the coming months, hopeful for an end to the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, seeking to live in peace.

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PeaceSeeker November 10, 2023 - 7:19 am

sad to see ppl runnin frm war, but glad dis camp helpin. lets hope for peace soon. #EndConflict

HungaryLove November 10, 2023 - 7:36 am

proud of hungary for helpin out. dey r doin a gud job. #HumanityFirst

JournalismExpert November 10, 2023 - 8:15 am

impresiv report on da camp in hungary. ppl need to kno bout dis refuge for jewsh famlies, real crisis hapenin.

Reader123 November 10, 2023 - 9:51 am

wow, dis camp in hungary so impotant for jewsh peeps. dey find compnyship n safety after so much war. hope it brings dem peace.


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