Discover Freddie Mercury’s Eclectic Collection of Clutter Up for Sale

by Joshua Brown
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Do you want to feel like the king of Queen? Here’s your chance! In September, some items owned by Freddie Mercury, who is famous for being one of the band members of Queen, will be available for auction. His collection includes costumes, art pieces, and even notes he wrote while composing legendary songs like “We Are the Champions” and “Killer Queen.” He used to live a luxurious lifestyle filled with everything beautiful and this was what he wanted to leave behind when he passed away due to an AIDS-related illness at 45 years old. So if you want to experience something that once belonged to Freddie Mercury himself, get ready for the September auction!

Austin has been keeping Mercury’s house the same since he left it in London’s expensive Kensington area. Unfortunately, Austin recently decided to sell everything off and Sotheby’s said that it was a difficult decision for her to make.

Artwork like some drawings or pictures made by famous artists Picasso and Matisse will be sold. One painting in particular, called “Type of Beauty”, is from the 19th Century French painter James Tissot who painted it for his Irish girlfriend Kathleen Newton. This painting is expected to sell for around 500,000 – 750,000 US Dollars – which will be the most costly item out of everything else that you can find in the same auction.

Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of a band, has written nine pages for the song “We are the Champions” and these pages may be worth up to $375,000!

Freddie Mercury put on a shiny crown and covered himself up with a red furry cape after he sang “Champions” at the Knebworth House near London in Queen’s last concert. He happily returned to the stage, lifted his right arm and waved the crown in the air as people joined wrists and sang “God Save The Queen” together out loud.

The crown that is going to be worn by King Charles III for his coronation next month is based on St. Edward’s Crown, which is part of Britain’s Crown Jewels. If you are a fan of this crown, but don’t have too much money to get the original one, you might want to purchase a replica which will cost around $75,000-$100,000. Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend too much money, then there’s an alternate option of purchasing Mercury’s silver moustache comb from Tiffany & Co for about $500-750.

In June, some 1500 items will be put on display in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Afterward, these items will be sold at an auction that takes place over three days in September. Funds from this sale will be given away to charity.

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