DeSantis’ Board Outraged After Disney Strips Away Their Power

by Gabriel Martinez
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The people chosen by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to oversee Walt Disney World recently found out that the people who were in charge before them had passed some rules that remove a lot of their power.

The people in charge of the Central Florida Tourism Management Area said at a meeting that their predecessors signed an official contract with Disney last month. This contract granted Disney full rights over the area of 27,000 acres which is used for its theme park resort in Central Florida.

The Republican governor chose five people to join the board after Disney spoke out against a law that said no lessons about sexual orientation or gender identity should be taught in grades kindergarten through third. This law was called “Don’t Say Gay”.

Governor DeSantis is known for fighting against people he sees as political opponents and using the power of state government to help his goals, which could soon include running for President of the United States.

The board that was in charge of the Reedy Creek Improvement District for the past 55 years has been changed by Disney. The new board members held a meeting recently and discovered about this agreement only after they were appointed.

Board member Brian Aungst said Wednesday that they need to solve the problem because it doesn’t follow what the voters, the Legislature, and the governor want. It also doesn’t allow this board to control things.

The district has to ask for Disney’s permission before using the name “Disney”, any logos related to its theme parks or anything similar to Mickey Mouse, other Disney characters and other intellectual property. If they break this agreement, Disney can take legal action against them and the agreement will stay in effect forever.

The agreement will last until 21 years after almost all of the grandkids of England’s King Charles III have passed away. Disney said that everything was done legally and out in the open.

Disney and the District signed a contract that was approved at an open meeting. This is part of something called the ‘Government in the Sunshine law’ which is from Florida. Also, Disney World employees voted to accept an offer for their job. This deal means that by the end of this year, the starting minimum wage will increase to $18 per hour!

The Cast Members at the Walt Disney World experience are really important to us and they just overwhelmingly approved a new five-year agreement. This new deal will give them bigger wages, access to affordable medical plans, and 100% paid college tuition with the Disney Aspire program! Jeff Vahle, President of the Walt Disney World Resort said he is excited that everyone agrees with this agreement.

There is a new agreement for about 45,000 workers who work at the Disney theme park resort. This includes people dressed up as Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters, bus drivers, people in charge of food preparation, lifeguards, theatrical workers and hotel housekeepers.

The wages of these workers will go up by $5.50 to $8.60 per hour over the next five years according to union leaders.

Five years ago, Disney became the first big company in central Florida to agree to pay their employees a minimum of fifteen dollars per hour. By doing this, Disney set an example for all of the other businesses in the area that are mostly related to hospitality.

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