Dart, Harris combination is dominant as No. 22 Mississippi pulls away from Mercer 73-7

by Ethan Kim
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Dominant Performance

The combined efforts of Jaxson Dart and Tre Harris proved to be dominant as the 22nd-ranked Mississippi team pulled away from Mercer with an impressive 73-7 victory. Dart showcased his prowess by delivering four touchdown passes, three of which found their mark in the capable hands of Tre Harris within the initial four minutes of the game. Ole Miss (1-0) seized control right from the start, embarking on a series of four consecutive touchdown drives that culminated in a commanding 38-7 lead at halftime. Dart’s impeccable accuracy was on display, completing all 11 of his attempted passes for a total of 237 yards during this early surge. His overall performance featured 18 successful passes out of 23 attempts, amassing a total of 334 yards, before making way for Spencer Sanders, a transfer from Oklahoma State, in the third quarter.

Tre Harris, a transfer from Louisiana Tech who had previously earned All-Conference USA honors, showcased his talent with exceptional flair. His contributions were instrumental, securing touchdown receptions of 38, 28, and 20 yards during the initial scoring drives. Harris continued to shine in the third period with a 16-yard touchdown catch, marking a new school record for single-game touchdown receptions. The running game also played a pivotal role, as Quinshon Judkins achieved touchdown runs of 1 and 3 yards, accumulating a total of 60 yards on 13 carries. Additionally, Jordan Watkins added to the team’s momentum with a remarkable 69-yard punt return for a touchdown. As the game concluded, Sanders stepped in and delivered a commendable performance, completing 8 of 14 passes for 134 yards and two touchdowns. Collectively, the Ole Miss team amassed an impressive 667 yards of total offense.

Mercer (1-1), ranked 22nd in the AFCA poll for FCS schools, initially made a noteworthy impact with a 75-yard quarterback run by Carter Peevy on their first offensive snap. However, their offensive output was limited to 237 yards in total, with Peevy accounting for 138 yards through 16 of 29 passing attempts. Despite the initial burst, Mercer’s offense was unable to pose a serious threat to Ole Miss throughout the game.

In reflection, Mercer’s performance underscores the anticipated difficulty of Southern Conference teams contending against SEC opponents on the road. Devron Harper’s multifaceted contributions as a running back, wide receiver, and kick returner were commendable, highlighted by a 40-yard punt return. Linebacker Marques Thomas contributed with seven tackles, while the absence of SEC teams from Mercer’s future schedule is notable.

On the flip side, Ole Miss delivered a seamless and impressive performance. Despite undergoing significant changes, including an influx of transfers, a new defensive coordinator, and alternating kickers for various duties, the Rebels demonstrated their dominance in their home opener. The reputation of Lane Kiffin, known for transfer portal success, was further solidified by Tre Harris’s record-breaking display and an acrobatic interception executed by Daijahn Anthony, a transfer from Liberty.

In terms of poll implications, the 22nd-ranked Rebels maintain their position among the Top 25 teams. However, despite their decisive victory, a substantial surge in the poll rankings is not anticipated.

Looking ahead, Mercer is scheduled for a home game against fellow FCS team Morehead State on September 9, following consecutive road games. Meanwhile, the 22nd-ranked Ole Miss Rebels are set to face off against the 24th-ranked Tulane on September 9, in an early non-conference showdown that is sure to capture attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Dominant Performance

What was the outcome of the game between No. 22 Mississippi and Mercer?

No. 22 Mississippi displayed a dominant performance, securing a resounding 73-7 victory over Mercer.

How did Jaxson Dart contribute to the game?

Jaxson Dart made a significant impact by throwing four touchdown passes, including three to Tre Harris within the first four minutes of the game.

Who is Tre Harris, and what role did he play?

Tre Harris, a transfer from Louisiana Tech, showcased exceptional talent with multiple touchdown receptions (38, 28, 20 yards) in the early scoring drives. He also set a school record for single-game TD receptions.

What were the standout moments of the game?

In addition to the impressive passing game, Quinshon Judkins achieved touchdown runs, Jordan Watkins had a remarkable punt return, and transfer safety Daijahn Anthony executed an acrobatic interception.

How did Mercer perform in the game?

Mercer, ranked 22nd among FCS schools, initially scored a 75-yard touchdown run by Carter Peevy but couldn’t maintain momentum against Ole Miss’s strong defense.

What were the key takeaways for Mercer and Ole Miss?

Mercer’s performance highlighted the challenges of Southern Conference teams against SEC opponents on the road. Ole Miss demonstrated seamless dominance despite changes, showcasing transfer success.

What’s next for Mercer and Ole Miss?

Mercer will host Morehead State after consecutive road games, while Ole Miss is set to face Tulane in an early non-conference matchup.

How did the game impact the rankings?

Despite the convincing win, No. 22 Rebels’ ranking among SEC teams is unlikely to surge significantly in the Top 25 poll.

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GameDayKing September 3, 2023 - 5:09 pm

ole miss on fire, they blitzed mercer 73-7, no joke! dart throwin’ 4 tds, harris catchin’ ’em left & right. gotta watch out for this team!


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