Cyclone Biparjoy Causes Destruction and Loss of Life in India and Pakistan

by Ethan Kim
Cyclone Biparjoy

Cyclone Biparjoy unleashed its fury as it made landfall in western India, resulting in power outages, damaged infrastructure, and tragic fatalities. The cyclone’s path now directs it towards Pakistan, a country still reeling from the devastating floods it endured last year.

In Gujarat state, a man and his son tragically lost their lives while attempting to save their livestock. Prior to the storm’s arrival, over 180,000 individuals sought shelter in both India and Pakistan. The cyclone struck the coastal regions of western Gujarat with wind speeds reaching 85 kph (53 mph) and gusts of up to 105 kph (65 mph). Pakistani authorities, having evacuated 82,000 people, remain on high alert.

The full extent of the damage in western India is yet to be determined. Apart from the two reported deaths, three individuals sustained injuries in the nearby Devbhumi Dwarka district. To provide relief, approximately 100,000 evacuated individuals in western India have been temporarily relocated to relief camps.

Upon landfall, Cyclone Biparjoy wreaked havoc by uprooting trees and electricity poles. In the coastal town of Mandvi, heavy winds even hurled shipping containers into the sea, causing disruption at Mundra port, one of India’s largest ports.

Later on, the cyclone is expected to weaken as it moves towards the neighboring Indian state of Rajasthan, en route to southern Pakistan. The southern region of Pakistan, still recuperating from the devastating floods of the previous year, witnesses people lining up to receive donated food from charities, aid agencies, and local authorities. Pakistan’s national disaster management agency reported that the cyclone was approximately 125 kilometers (75 miles) south-southwest of Keti Bandar, a port in the flood-affected Sindh province. They anticipate the storm to gradually weaken, transitioning from a cyclonic storm to a depression by the evening.

The Indian Meteorological Department noted that Cyclone Biporjoy holds a record for the longest lifespan over the Arabian Sea, lasting over 10 days. It surpasses the lifespan of Cyclone Kyarr in 2019, which lasted for nine days.

In response to the cyclone’s approach, the Gujarat government deployed 184 rapid action squads to rescue wildlife and clear fallen trees in Gir National Park, the abode of nearly 700 Asiatic lions.

Meanwhile, southern coastal towns in Pakistan have been pelted with wind-driven rain for the second consecutive day. Flash floods are anticipated in southern Pakistan due to the cyclone’s impact.

Last summer, Pakistan’s Sindh province suffered one of the nation’s deadliest floods, partly attributable to climate change. The catastrophe claimed the lives of at least 1,739 individuals and displaced 33 million. The World Health Organization pledged its support to Pakistan in dealing with the cyclone’s aftermath. The government and local aid groups have been distributing free food and drinking water to displaced individuals. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif expressed his commitment to protecting those in the path of the storm.

UNICEF has issued a warning that more than 625,000 children in Pakistan and India are at immediate risk due to Cyclone Biparjoy. Noala Skinner, UNICEF’s regional director for South Asia, emphasized the potential crisis facing children and families in Sindh, the province that suffered the most from last year’s devastating floods.

A study conducted in 2021 revealed a significant increase in the frequency, duration, and intensity of cyclones in the Arabian Sea between 1982 and 2019. Experts predict that this trend will persist, underscoring the urgent need for preparations to mitigate the impact of natural disasters.

Munir Ahmed reported from Islamabad. Arasu reported from Bengaluru, India.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cyclone Biparjoy

What is Cyclone Biparjoy?

Cyclone Biparjoy is a powerful cyclonic storm that made landfall in western India and affected parts of Pakistan. It resulted in power outages, infrastructure damage, and tragic fatalities.

How did Cyclone Biparjoy impact India and Pakistan?

Cyclone Biparjoy caused power outages, uprooted trees and electricity poles, and damaged infrastructure in western India. It resulted in the loss of lives and injuries. In Pakistan, the cyclone posed a threat of flash floods in the southern regions, exacerbating the challenges faced by a country still recovering from devastating floods the previous year.

What measures were taken to mitigate the impact of Cyclone Biparjoy?

Authorities in India and Pakistan undertook evacuation efforts to safeguard the affected population. In India, over 180,000 people sought shelter, and in Pakistan, 82,000 individuals were evacuated. Relief camps were set up to provide temporary accommodation. Governments, aid agencies, and local authorities provided food, drinking water, and support to displaced people.

How long did Cyclone Biparjoy last and what were its characteristics?

Cyclone Biparjoy had a remarkable lifespan of over 10 days, setting a record for the longest duration over the Arabian Sea. It brought strong winds with speeds up to 85 kph (53 mph) and gusts up to 105 kph (65 mph) during landfall. However, it was expected to gradually weaken as it moved towards Rajasthan in India and southern Pakistan.

Are cyclones in the Arabian Sea becoming more frequent?

Studies indicate that the frequency, duration, and intensity of cyclones in the Arabian Sea have increased significantly between 1982 and 2019. Experts predict that this trend will continue, emphasizing the urgency of preparedness and mitigation measures for natural disasters in the region.

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JohnDoe18 June 16, 2023 - 6:04 pm

wow, this cyclone biparjoy is so powerful, it causing so much destruction in India and Pakistan! really sad about the fatalities, hope relief efforts helps the affected people!

NatureExplorer June 16, 2023 - 8:11 pm

gir national park, home to asiatic lions, got affected too? that’s heartbreaking. hope the rapid action squads can save the wildlife there.

StormChaser99 June 16, 2023 - 10:29 pm

cyclones are no joke, they can cause so much damage and loss of life. my heart goes out to the people affected by this devastating cyclone biparjoy. stay safe, everyone!

NewsJunkie22 June 17, 2023 - 5:00 am

i saw the news about cyclone biparjoy, it’s crazy how the weather can be so destructive. glad to see UNICEF and WHO helping out in pakistan.

WeatherLover27 June 17, 2023 - 10:37 am

cyclones in the arabian sea are getting worse and worse. this one lasted for 10 whole days, that’s insane! climate change is real and we need to take it seriously!


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