Cristina Fernández Refuses to Seek Re-election in Argentina: An Analysis of Her Political Impact

by Joshua Brown
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On Tuesday, Cristina Fernández from Argentina announced that she won’t be a candidate in October’s elections, stopping people who wanted her to run.

Fernandez, who was the president of Argentina from 2007 to 2015, announced that she will not participate in this year’s presidential elections. She said on her website that the courts were trying to block her from running again by joining hands with the opposition.

Her decision has now created chaos in the Peronist party as they don’t know who will be their candidate for this year’s election.

President Alberto Fernández has been struggling with an economic crisis in the past few months, which has caused the local currency to weaken and prices to increase by more than 100%. He already said he will not be running again for presidency.

Cristina Fernández also stated that she does not want to be anyone’s puppet and puts the collective project above personal ambitions.

The 70-year-old vice president said that she was given a six year prison sentence and prevented from running for public office last year. This happened because of a corruption case which she did not do anything wrong in. She has refused to accept the court ruling until it is confirmed by higher courts and called it a “perverse game”.

People who support the Vice President are hoping that she will become the next President and like to cheer “President Cristina” every time she speaks in public. Although Cristina (who is not related to the current President, Alberto Fernández) had said she wouldn’t be running for President, she often can’t help but make jokes about it when she talks.

The Vice President published her statement a few days before friends organized a big event in the center of Buenos Aires on May 25th, which is a special national day in Argentina. The President and Vice President both don’t want to be president, so people are starting to look at Economy Minister Sergio Massa instead. He has wanted to be president for awhile, but he isn’t doing as well as expected since he took office last year.

Massa wanted the price of things to go down by 3% by April, but it went up 8.4%.

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