Cowboys ready for ‘real’ football as big favorites again with Washington visiting on Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving showdown

The Dallas Cowboys are poised for their third consecutive game as double-digit favorites, offering an opportunity to extend their impressive home winning streak, the longest since the franchise’s historic 20-straight winning seasons four decades ago. The anticipation is palpable as they prepare to face Washington on Thanksgiving, a longstanding tradition in NFL lore.

Currently holding a 7-3 record, the Cowboys have been dominant at AT&T Stadium, claiming victory in 12 consecutive home games—a feat reminiscent of their 18-game run at the now-defunct Texas Stadium from 1979 to 1981. Furthermore, Dallas has demonstrated its prowess by comfortably defeating their last two double-digit underdog opponents, amassing six wins this season with margins exceeding 20 points, just one shy of a franchise record.

In contrast, Washington (4-7) faces an uphill battle, with FanDuel Sportsbook favoring the Cowboys by 10 1/2 points. Washington’s recent loss to the New York Giants, marked by six turnovers, has sparked discussions about the future of their fourth-year coach, Ron Rivera. Rivera remains focused on the present, emphasizing the importance of daily efforts and installation meetings.

The Cowboys have been successful in games they were expected to win, with a notable exception being their Week 3 loss to the Arizona Cardinals—one of only two victories for the Cardinals this season. Looking beyond Thanksgiving, Dallas is preparing for a pivotal stretch of the season, facing five consecutive opponents with winning records.

Coach Mike McCarthy recognizes the significance of this divisional matchup, emphasizing the history and tradition associated with Thanksgiving games, which bring an extra layer of energy to the field.

As for Washington, their recent loss to the Giants has put the spotlight on Ron Rivera’s future as head coach. While the NFL is known for its unpredictability, the team is focused on their daily efforts, leaving the future to unfold as it may. In the event of an in-season coaching change, offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio are logical candidates for interim roles.

In the midst of football action on Thanksgiving, Cowboys’ right guard Zack Martin, a six-time All-Pro, reflected on his own memorable moments, including an unfortunate encounter with a ticket on the way to a game and a concussion during a matchup against the Chargers in 2017. Despite these incidents, he cherishes the holiday games.

Quarterback Sam Howell, who leads the league in completions, attempts, and passing yards, looks to rebound from a challenging outing against the Giants. Despite his experience of defeating the Cowboys in the previous season, he acknowledges the need for a different game plan this time around.

Lastly, the Cowboys’ quarterback, Dak Prescott, and receiver CeeDee Lamb may not have posted flashy numbers in their recent victory over the Carolina Panthers, but their efficiency remains a key asset. Prescott’s potential for a fifth consecutive game with at least two touchdown passes keeps the team’s optimism high.

In summary, the Dallas Cowboys are gearing up for a significant Thanksgiving showdown against Washington, aiming to maintain their impressive winning streak and solidify their position in the season’s stretch run. Meanwhile, Washington faces questions about their future amidst a challenging season, and both teams are prepared to give their all on this holiday tradition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Thanksgiving showdown

What is the significance of the Thanksgiving matchup for the Dallas Cowboys?

The Thanksgiving matchup holds historical importance for the Dallas Cowboys, as it allows them to extend their longest home winning streak and maintain dominance.

How has Dallas performed at AT&T Stadium recently?

Dallas has been formidable at AT&T Stadium, winning 12 consecutive home games, marking the longest streak since the 1979-81 era at the old Texas Stadium.

What is the recent performance of the Cowboys in terms of margin of victory?

The Cowboys have been impressive, securing six wins this season by margins of at least 20 points, which is just one victory away from a franchise record.

How is Washington faring this season?

Washington has faced challenges this season, with a 4-7 record and recent struggles, including a loss to the New York Giants and turnovers.

What is the focus on Ron Rivera’s coaching future?

The future of Ron Rivera as Washington’s coach has come under scrutiny, but he remains focused on the present, emphasizing daily efforts and meetings.

What is the outlook for the Cowboys beyond Thanksgiving?

Dallas is preparing for a crucial stretch of the season, facing five consecutive opponents with winning records, making the post-Thanksgiving period pivotal.

What memorable moments has Zack Martin experienced on Thanksgiving?

Zack Martin, a six-time All-Pro for the Cowboys, shared memorable anecdotes about Thanksgiving games, including a humorous traffic ticket and a concussion in a 2017 game.

How is Washington’s quarterback, Sam Howell, preparing for the game?

Sam Howell, Washington’s quarterback, leads the league in various passing categories and aims to rebound from a challenging outing against the Giants with a new game plan.

What is the current form of Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb?

Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb may not have posted flashy numbers recently, but their efficiency remains a key asset, and Prescott has a chance to extend his streak of games with at least two touchdown passes.

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