Cleveland Browns Quarterback Deshaun Watson Faces Deposition in Civil Lawsuit

by Lucas Garcia
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As Deshaun Watson gets ready for his second season playing with the Cleveland Browns, he is still dealing with problems from when he was in Houston. On Monday, Watson has to go and answer questions as part of one of the two lawsuits made against him concerning sexual misconduct. A document that was given to a court in Harris County, Texas stated that Watson had to give out records which show communication between himself and the person who has filed against him (noted as “Jane Doe”) between December 2020 and January 2021.

Before this, Watson was sued by 24 women who claimed he acted very inappropriately towards them during his massage therapy sessions when he was a part of the Houston Texans team. Two separate courts reviewed these cases, but decided not to press charges against Watson.

In the lawsuit which Watson is currently being asked questions about in court (which is called being deposed), the female is claiming that Watson demanded her to perform oral sex on him.

The NFL gave Watson an 11-game suspension during last season as a result of him breaking the league’s rules. Then, in March 2022, the Browns made him a $230 million deal offer that he couldn’t refuse. Even though he hadn’t been playing for a while due to his suspension, Watson took six starts and showed some rustiness. Over this offseason, he’s been practicing near where he lives in Houston.

The Browns will start their activities in preparation for the upcoming season on April 17.

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