Centenarian from Chicago Skydives, Eyes Global Record for Oldest Skydiver

by Ethan Kim
Oldest Skydiver

A woman from Chicago, aged 104, is in the process of seeking validation as the most senior individual to ever undertake a skydiving jump. She left her walking aid on terra firma to partake in a tandem skydive in the northern part of Illinois.

Dorothy Hoffner proclaimed, “Age is merely a numerical representation,” to an applauding audience shortly after her safe return to earth. The event occurred at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, situated approximately 85 miles (or 140 kilometers) in the southwest direction from Chicago, according to a report from the Chicago Tribune.

Skydive Chicago is presently coordinating with Guinness World Records to recognize Hoffner’s skydive as a new world record, as disclosed by WLS-TV. The standing record for the oldest skydiver was established in May 2022 by Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson of Sweden, who was 103 years old at the time.

Hoffner initially experienced skydiving four years prior, at the age of 100. This Sunday, she left her mobility aid near the aircraft, a Skyvan, and was assisted up the stairs to take her place among the others awaiting their turn to skydive.

“Proceed, let’s proceed, Geronimo!” exclaimed Hoffner once she was securely seated within the aircraft.

Upon her initial skydiving experience, Hoffner revealed that she had to be forcibly ejected from the plane. However, this Sunday, while secured to an instructor certified by the U.S. Parachute Association, Hoffner took the initiative to lead the plunge from an altitude of 13,500 feet (approximately 4,100 meters).

Exhibiting composure and assurance, Hoffner seemed unperturbed as the plane reached its designated altitude and the rear door opened, revealing far-reaching tan crop fields below. Moments before the jump, she moved towards the plane’s edge and made her daring exit, executing a flawless forward roll before stabilizing in a freefall position with her abdomen facing earthward.

The entire skydiving venture lasted seven minutes, which includes the unhurried descent facilitated by her parachute. As she neared landing, wind swept back Hoffner’s white locks of hair; she grasped the harness that crossed her slender shoulders, lifted her legs, and softly touched down on a grassy landing zone.

Her friends immediately converged to offer their congratulations, and her red walker was promptly returned to her. When asked about her feelings upon landing, Hoffner responded, “Magnificent. The entire experience was simply magnificent.”

With her recent accomplishment behind her, Hoffner’s thoughts swiftly turned toward forthcoming challenges. The lifelong resident of Chicago, who is slated to celebrate her 105th birthday in December, expressed interest in perhaps boarding a hot-air balloon for her next adventure.

“I have never experienced that before,” she noted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Oldest Skydiver

What is the main subject of the article?

The main subject of the article is Dorothy Hoffner, a 104-year-old woman from Chicago, who undertook a skydiving jump in an attempt to become the world’s oldest skydiver.

Who holds the current world record for the oldest skydiver?

The current world record for the oldest skydiver is held by Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson of Sweden, who set the record at the age of 103 in May 2022.

Where did Dorothy Hoffner make her skydiving jump?

Dorothy Hoffner made her skydiving jump at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois, which is approximately 85 miles southwest of Chicago.

Was this Hoffner’s first skydiving experience?

No, this was not Hoffner’s first skydiving experience. She first skydived at the age of 100.

How high was the jump?

The skydive was executed from an altitude of 13,500 feet, or approximately 4,100 meters.

Who helped Hoffner during the skydive?

Hoffner was assisted by an instructor certified by the U.S. Parachute Association during her skydive.

What is Hoffner’s next adventure?

After successfully completing her skydive, Hoffner expressed interest in potentially taking a ride in a hot-air balloon for her next adventure.

How did Hoffner describe her skydiving experience?

Dorothy Hoffner described her skydiving experience as “magnificent,” stating that the entire event was delightful and wonderful.

How long did the skydive last?

The entire skydiving venture, from the jump to the landing, lasted approximately seven minutes.

What are the next steps for Hoffner in terms of setting the world record?

Skydive Chicago is currently coordinating with Guinness World Records to certify Hoffner’s skydive as the new world record for the oldest skydiver.

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JessT October 3, 2023 - 4:08 am

Just read this and I’m in awe. Imagine the adrenaline rush at that age. She’s literally defying gravity and age.

RonnyK October 3, 2023 - 6:05 am

So when’s the Guinness World Records gonna make it official? She clearly deserves it.

Mike87 October 3, 2023 - 11:02 am

So cool that she’s breaking the record, but also that she’s from Chicago! represent!

EmilySky October 3, 2023 - 3:55 pm

She must’ve got nerves of steel. 13,500 feet is no joke, you know.

Laura_G October 3, 2023 - 4:15 pm

What a story, makes you rethink what’s possible at any age. Dorothy, you’re an inspiration for real.

TonyW October 3, 2023 - 5:04 pm

Makes me wonder what I’m doin with my life. this woman is a legend.

Sarah_M October 3, 2023 - 7:36 pm

omg, she first skydived at 100?? I’m 30 and still too scared lol.

JohnDoe October 3, 2023 - 11:22 pm

Wow, 104 and still skydiving? That’s insane man. Hats off to Dorothy.

KarenM October 4, 2023 - 1:41 am

wait, she’s planning a hot-air balloon ride next? Dorothy’s a total bucket list queen!

Steve_B October 4, 2023 - 3:36 am

That’s what I call living life to the fullest. She’s got more courage than most of us here, i bet.


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