Celebrities and Donations Flock to Prince’s Trust Gala – What a Night!

by Joshua Brown
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A special event called the Prince’s Trust Global Gala was held in New York City and it raised a lot of money- $1.7 million dollars! Several people who received grants from King Charles III’s charity shared how their life changed for the better. Idris Elba, who plays Luther on TV, said that he wouldn’t have been able to join a youth theater group if it wasn’t for the help he got when he was 17 years old, which set him up with an awesome career.

Elba was surrounded by famous people like Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Winnie Harlow and designers Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors. Elba said that The Prince’s Trust gave her the confidence to believe in herself and what she can do. This year, The Prince’s Trust will try to provide this kind of help in the US too.

Charlotte Mensah from the Hairlounge salon in London said that King Charles III didn’t have time to be with us this evening, since he has something planned for next week – his coronation ceremony on May 6th.

At the gala, Mensah read a letter from King Charles III. King Charles said that when he started The Prince’s Trust in 1976 using his money from leaving the Royal Navy service, he couldn’t imagine it would be in 23 countries today!

King Charles III is so excited to say that his charity’s mission has helped 1 million young people build their careers, make businesses happen, or get back into school. He also admires how dedicated and determined these young people are.

Will Straw from The Prince’s Trust International adds that this organization is essential for making good things happen for youth of different ages.

Mr. Straw said that this year, about 100,000 young people around the world will get help from them to learn skills that make it easier for them to get jobs. He added that it was very important because the pandemic has caused a lot of economic problems for youngsters. According to the International Labor Organization and other organizations, many young people don’t have the exact skills a company would want when they finish their education.

“We have a problem,” Straw said. “But our programs all around the world are helping to solve this problem”.

Prince Pavlos from Greece knows what The Prince’s Trust has achieved in his country and is confident that it will also do very well here in the US, where he now lives.

“America has lots of people who can help others but there are also plenty of people who need help”, he said. “The Prince’s Trust can be their supporter”.

British singer Rita Ora filled in to perform at a gala event Thursday night since the original host, Lionel Richie, had to leave to get ready for an upcoming coronation of a king.

Rita Ora sang her new song “Praising You” and spoke about why she was glad to lend her support to this cause. She stated, “This is something I really agree with. We just have to wait for the outcome – that’s why I’m with it.” ____

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