Carson Wentz is back at work, now as the Rams’ backup: ‘The NFL has a way of humbling everybody’

by Gabriel Martinez
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NFL Quarterback Transition

Carson Wentz has embarked on a whirlwind journey in recent days, transitioning from a visit to sign with the Los Angeles Rams during their bye week to returning home to North Dakota, where his wife gave birth to their third daughter. This abrupt turn of events has marked a strange offseason for Wentz, who is now stepping into a new role as the backup quarterback for the Rams.

Having spent the majority of his seven-year NFL career as a starter when healthy, Wentz finds himself in unfamiliar territory, learning Sean McVay’s playbook and preparing for a potential opportunity to play, given Matthew Stafford’s recent injury history. Wentz acknowledges the humbling nature of the NFL, recognizing the need to adapt to changing circumstances and the unpredictability of the league.

Reflecting on his past season with the Washington Commanders, where he started as the quarterback before facing setbacks, Wentz understands the ups and downs of professional football. Following his release from the Commanders in February, he kept himself in shape and continued to nurture his passion for the game, realizing that he still has much to offer, both on and off the field.

Wentz and his agent spent many Monday mornings evaluating the NFL landscape, searching for the right opportunity to return to the game. When Stafford’s thumb injury created an opening, and the Rams sought a backup, Wentz seized the chance to get back into the football environment.

He is well aware of the impact that Coach McVay had on Baker Mayfield, who revived his career with the Rams last season. While Wentz isn’t looking too far into the future, there is potential for his stay with the Rams to extend beyond this season.

After experiencing the uncertainties of the past few seasons and a lengthy period at home in North Dakota, Wentz is grateful to be back on the field, preparing for Sundays without the burden of worrying about the years ahead. It’s a fresh start for him in Los Angeles, and he is focused on making the most of this opportunity.

In terms of the Rams’ current roster, starting cornerback Cobie Durant’s availability for Sunday’s game is questionable due to a previous stinger injury. However, several injured Rams players, including linebacker Ernest Jones, tackle Rob Havenstein, nose tackle Bobby Brown, and quarterback Matthew Stafford, are expected to return to action against the Seattle Seahawks. Stafford, despite his thumb injury, has shown promise in practice, and he is set to wear a brace during the game.

This marks another chapter in Carson Wentz’s NFL journey, and his adaptability and determination are key attributes as he embraces his new role with the Rams.

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