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Carolyn Bryant Donham, the white lady who accused Emmett Till, a Black teenager of whistling at her in 1955 has died. This incident led to his lynching which sparked a movement for Civil Rights. Ms. Donham died on Tuesday in hospice care at the age of 88 in Louisiana.

When Emmett Till was kidnapped and murdered, it became a huge topic of discussion in the US. His mother asked to have an open-casket funeral at their hometown Chicago, after Emmet’s body was taken out of a river in Mississippi. Images of his body were printed in Jet magazine. An arrest warrant has been made for the kidnapping of Emmett but the accused now denies wanting him killed.

During August of 1955, Till visited his family in Mississippi from Chicago. During this time, a 21-year-old woman named Carolyn Bryant accused him of doing something wrong to her at a grocery store (where she was working) in the small town called Money. His cousin, Rev. Wheeler Parker (who was there with him) said that Till, who was only 14-years-old, whistled at the woman which went against the strict social customs in Mississippi during that era where people of different races were not treated equally.

A woman showed Donham’s husband and his brother who Till was and they ended up murdering him. They were both white men, but even though they did it, a jury of all white people said they were not guilty. Later on, the men admitted that what they did was wrong in a magazine article.

When Emmett Till disappeared in Mississippi, Ollie Gordon — a cousin of his who was 7 years old at the time — lived with Till’s family in their Chicago home. On Thursday, Gordon said the entire house was very scared because they were almost sure he had been murdered.

Gordon felt mixed emotions upon hearing about Donham’s death.

Gordon said that even though Emmett Till never received a punishment in court, they believed God had judged her as his punishments are usually harsher than any penalty she could’ve gotten. They didn’t think She had a good life either. In 2022, Big Big News found an unpublished memoir from Donham in which she said she had no idea what would happen to Till.

A document filled with 99 pages called “I am More Than A Wolf Whistle” was revealed by the Mississippi Center for Investigative Reporting. Historian, Timothy Tyson of Durham, North Carolina got a copy of this report from Donham when he spoke to her in 2008 and later gave it to the Associated Press (AP).

In 1955, Tyson had placed the manuscript in an archive at the University of North Carolina and provided it to the FBI during an investigation. He decided to make it public after people doing research in Leflore County, Mississippi in 2022 discovered an arrest warrant on kidnapping charges that was issued for Mrs. Roy Bryant, but never served.

Tyson said that although it isn’t clear exactly what Donham did, it’s obvious she was a part of the killing of Till.

Tyson said that it has been comforting for America to think of this incident only as a story of monsters, but not see the unfair social order which did not care about Emmett Till or thousands more who were similar to him. He pointed out that condemning Donham is much easier than having to confront the fact that America was bad in the past and still is now.

Cast members from the New Black Panther Party and some other activists went to places related to Carolyn Donham, who is now an elderly lady, in North Carolina and Kentucky last year. They were there to give her an unofficial notice asking her to come for her trial.

Mississippi’s Attorney General Lynn Fitch said that no new evidence was found to take criminal action against Donham, even after a warrant went unfilled. In August, the county grand jury did not decide to punish him.

Till’s cousin, Priscilla Sterling, started a court case against the current Sheriff of Leflore County, Ricky Banks. On February 7th she asked the court to make Sheriff Banks serve an old warrant from 1955 on a girl called Donham. The Sheriff replied to this on April 13th and said that there was no point as Donham had not been formally charged for anything by the grand jury last year.

Members of the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation, which is run by some family members of Till, shared a black square with no writing on it to social networks like Instagram and Facebook on Thursday when they learned that Donham had passed away. Someone in North Carolina named Allen G. Breed also helped write this report.

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