Car crashes into pub’s outdoor dining area in Australia, killing 5 and injuring 6

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Australian pub car crash

A vehicle plowed into the external seating section of a tavern in Australia, resulting in five fatalities and six injuries.

Authorities confirmed that on Monday, a tragic incident occurred when a car veered into the alfresco dining space of the Royal Daylesford Hotel located in Daylesford, a provincial locale to the northwest of Melbourne, claiming five lives and injuring six individuals on Sunday night.

The vehicle involved was a high-end BMW SUV operated by a 66-year-old man, who subsequently required hospitalization. Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton informed that the individual sustained minor injuries and was in a state of shock, with police supervision ongoing at the hospital.

Efforts are underway by the police to ascertain the cause behind the vehicle’s departure from the road and its subsequent collision with the dining area adjacent to the road. Initial tests indicated the driver was not under the influence of alcohol, though further toxicology reports for additional substances are pending, as per Patton’s briefing.

At the incident site, a young boy, two adult males in their thirties, and a woman in her forties were pronounced deceased. An adolescent female was urgently airlifted to a hospital in Melbourne, where she succumbed to her injuries later that evening.

Two young boys, one an infant of 11 months and the other approximately six years old, were hospitalized and reported to be in stable conditions.

As of Monday, three adults were receiving medical attention at a Melbourne hospital, with one 35-year-old woman being monitored in the intensive care unit.

The driver, who has a history of speeding violations but no other offenses, has not yet been interviewed by the police. Investigators are examining whether high speed played a role in the catastrophe, a detail yet to be determined, stated Patton.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Australian pub car crash

What happened at the Royal Daylesford Hotel in Australia?

A car crashed into the outdoor dining area of the Royal Daylesford Hotel in Daylesford, northwest of Melbourne, resulting in five fatalities and six injuries.

Who was the driver involved in the Daylesford crash?

The driver was a 66-year-old man driving a luxury BMW SUV. He suffered shock and minor injuries and is under police guard at the hospital.

Were there any survivors in the Daylesford car crash?

Yes, six individuals survived the crash with various injuries, including two young boys who were hospitalized in stable conditions and three adults, one of whom is in intensive care.

Did the driver undergo any tests for intoxication?

Yes, the driver was tested for alcohol and the results were negative. Additional blood tests are being conducted to check for other impairing substances.

Has the driver been charged or interviewed by the police?

As of the latest report, the driver has not been interviewed by the police, and investigators are still trying to determine if excessive speed was a factor in the crash.

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