British Military Confirms Ship Attack Off Yemen, Investigating the Incident

by Joshua Brown
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In the United Arab Emirates, an attack occurred on a ship near Yemen on Friday. An organization called the British military’s United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations was involved. The scene was close to Oman in southeastern Yemen and shots were fired at the ship while it sailed through the Gulf of Aden with 3 boats trailing behind it.

At the moment, there is no extra information that we know of.

The Gulf of Aden is an important part of international trade and some attacks have been related to the civil war going on in Yemen which involves Iran-supported Houthi rebels. In years past, piracy activities were common in this area too but these days it has mostly calmed down.

Nishtun is a place controlled by forces that support Yemen’s government which is backed up by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

There was a scary incident in December 2020 near Nishtun where a secret attack happened to a cargo ship. But it’s not the first time something like this has happened – there are also bomb-carrying boats and mines floating around Yemen from their war there.

Right after all of this, an oil tanker on its way to Houston from Chevron Corp got taken over as well.

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