Billy Porter hits the dance floor on his fifth album with the goal of ‘trying to heal people’

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Billy Porter Album

Billy Porter, a multifaceted star known for his Broadway, runway, and television achievements, is venturing into a new musical realm with his fifth album. Embracing the essence of dance music, Porter describes himself as a transformed artist, reveling in a second chance that life has offered him. The album, released under Republic Records, is titled “Black Mona Lisa” and features a fusion of club, house, and classic disco sounds across its 12 tracks. This musical endeavor not only highlights Porter’s vocal prowess and journey of redemption but also aims to create a healing and positive environment for listeners.

The album showcases a diverse range of genres, from the energetic dance anthem “Broke a Sweat,” to the heartfelt “Stranger Things,” the rhythmic “Baby Was a Dancer,” and the pop-infused “New Shoes.” Porter attributes the album’s coherence to his unique energy, a skill he has honed over three decades in the industry. The lyrics in songs like “Funk Is on the One” reflect a newfound confidence and self-acceptance, a significant shift from his previous hesitance to embrace such themes.

Porter’s latest work stands in contrast to his 1997 debut R&B album, which didn’t gain much traction despite his acclaimed talent. He reflects on past challenges related to his identity, celebrating his queerness as a strength in today’s more accepting world.

Collaborating with renowned songwriter and producer Justin Tranter, who has worked with stars like Britney Spears and Justin Bieber, Porter found a supportive partner in his musical journey. Tranter, a Grammy-nominated songwriter, emphasizes the depth and complexity of the album, particularly highlighting the title track “Black Mona Lisa” as a quintessential representation of Porter’s multifaceted personality.

Porter, who is 54 and openly HIV positive, draws from his personal experiences in his music, especially in songs like “More to Learn.” His career, which saw a hiatus of 13 years, has been revitalized since his Tony Award win for “Kinky Boots” in 2013. He has since expanded his influence in the industry, including producing the 2022 Tony winner for best musical, “A Strange Loop.”

Porter’s previous album, “Billy Porter Presents the Soul of Richard Rodgers,” served as a bridge for his Broadway-centric audience to his current musical style. “Black Mona Lisa” also serves as a source of guidance and inspiration, with songs like “Audacity” and “Children” offering empowering messages.

Beyond music, Porter is vocal about social and political issues, advocating for causes from Roe v. Wade to anti-trans legislation. He emphasizes a balance of love and firmness, drawing from his grandmother’s wisdom and his own experiences as a Black and queer individual in a post-Civil Rights era.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Billy Porter Album

What is the title of Billy Porter’s fifth album?

Billy Porter’s fifth album is titled “Black Mona Lisa.”

What genres does Billy Porter explore in “Black Mona Lisa”?

In “Black Mona Lisa,” Billy Porter explores a mix of club, house, and old-school disco music.

How does Billy Porter describe the transformation in his music career?

Billy Porter describes his transformation as a journey towards healing and positivity, marking a significant shift in his music style and personal expression.

Who collaborated with Billy Porter on his latest album?

Billy Porter collaborated with songwriter and producer Justin Tranter on his latest album.

What themes are explored in the lyrics of “Black Mona Lisa”?

The lyrics of “Black Mona Lisa” explore themes of confidence, self-acceptance, and empowerment, reflecting Porter’s personal and professional journey.

How does Billy Porter’s new album differ from his previous work?

Billy Porter’s new album differs from his previous work by incorporating more upbeat, dance-oriented music, contrasting with his earlier R&B and Broadway styles.

What is the significance of the song “Black Mona Lisa” in the album?

The song “Black Mona Lisa” is considered a quintessential representation of Billy Porter’s multifaceted personality, blending confidence, vulnerability, and flamboyance.

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