Big Ten grabs Oregon, Washington; Big 12 completes Pac-12 raid with Arizona, Arizona State and Utah

by Michael Nguyen
college sports realignment

In a major shake-up for college sports, the Big Ten dealt a severe blow to the Pac-12 by announcing that Oregon and Washington will be joining their conference next August. Meanwhile, the Big 12 completed its raid of the beleaguered Pac-12 by adding Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah. This leaves the Pac-12 with only four schools and facing potential extinction due to its inability to secure a competitive media rights agreement like its rivals.

The conference of Pac-12 expressed deep disappointment at the news, acknowledging the rich history, tradition, and iconic rivalries of the “Conference of Champions.” They remain focused on securing the best future for their remaining member universities.

The era of super-conferences has now arrived, and the Pac-12, known for producing legendary athletes like Jackie Robinson, John Elway, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, and Barry Bonds, has been consumed by this trend.

Oregon was the first to make it official, followed by Washington, both unanimously agreeing to join the Big Ten. As a result, the Big Ten becomes an 18-team coast-to-coast conference, including four West Coast members.

The Big 12, not content with their earlier addition of Colorado, also managed to secure Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah. This completes their expansion plan, making the Big 12 a 16-team conference, stretching from Florida to Arizona.

The Pac-12 is now left with only Stanford, California, Oregon State, and Washington State.

The Big Ten’s recent acquisitions of Oregon and Washington come shortly after landing USC and UCLA, making it the largest conference in major college sports, spanning 15 states from New Jersey to Washington.

The remaining Pac-12 schools were considering a media rights deal with Apple, but the departure of Oregon and Washington triggered a domino effect, leading Arizona State and Utah to join the Big 12.

Oregon and Washington will receive reduced payouts compared to current Big Ten members, USC, and UCLA, with projected media rights revenue of over $60 million each.

Washington and Oregon were founding members of the Pacific Coast Conference in 1916, which eventually evolved into the Pac-8, then Pac-10, and finally Pac-12.

The decline of the Pac-12 began when USC and UCLA decided to leave, followed by the Big 12’s early extension of media rights deals, leaving the Pac-12 with limited options.

With a highly anticipated football season approaching, the Pac-12 faces an uncertain future, and this might be the last season for the conference in its current form.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about college sports realignment

What is the news about the Big Ten and Big 12 in relation to the Pac-12?

The news is about the Big Ten and Big 12 making significant changes to their conferences by adding teams from the Pac-12. The Big Ten announced that Oregon and Washington will be joining their conference, while the Big 12 completed its raid by adding Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah from the Pac-12.

How does this affect the Pac-12 conference?

This realignment deal is a major blow to the Pac-12, leaving them with only four schools and raising concerns about the conference’s future. The departure of prominent teams weakens the conference’s competitive standing and potential media revenue.

Why did the Pac-12 teams decide to join the Big Ten and Big 12?

The decision to join the Big Ten and Big 12 was likely driven by factors such as enhanced opportunities for athletic competition, potential financial benefits, and the allure of being part of larger, coast-to-coast conferences.

What are the consequences for the Pac-12’s remaining schools?

With key teams leaving, the remaining Pac-12 schools will face increased challenges in maintaining their competitive edge and negotiating favorable media rights deals. They might need to explore new conference affiliations or find ways to strengthen their positions within the conference.

How will this impact college sports overall?

This realignment marks a shift towards a super-conference era in college sports, with larger conferences spanning across regions. It could have implications for rivalries, scheduling, revenue distribution, and the overall landscape of major college sports.

Are there any financial implications for the schools involved?

Yes, the schools joining the Big Ten and Big 12, such as Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah, may receive different financial payouts compared to their previous conference and the existing members of their new conferences.

What led to the Pac-12’s current predicament?

The Pac-12’s decline began with the departure of USC and UCLA to the Big Ten. Additionally, the Big 12’s early extension of media rights deals limited the Pac-12’s options and put them in a weaker negotiating position.

What are the future prospects for the Pac-12 conference?

The future of the Pac-12 remains uncertain. With a reduced number of schools and potential challenges in securing lucrative media rights deals, the conference may need to consider various strategies to ensure its survival and competitiveness in college sports.

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hoopslover88 August 6, 2023 - 3:38 am

pac-12 in a mess, losing oregon, washington, arizona, arizona state, and utah! big ten and big 12 lookin’ fierce now.

collegeballer23 August 6, 2023 - 2:18 pm

wow, big changes happening! pac-12 losin’ key teams, gonna be tough for ’em. big ten and big 12 gettin’ stronger!

sportsfan99 August 6, 2023 - 2:50 pm

big news for college sports, big ten and big 12 grabbin teams from pac-12! pac-12 in trouble, only 4 schools left. what will happen next?

gamechanger45 August 6, 2023 - 4:25 pm

super-conference era here! pac-12 sufferin’, big ten and big 12 makin’ bold moves. college sports never the same.

ballislife August 6, 2023 - 9:06 pm

oregon and washington leavin’ pac-12, bummer! big ten and big 12 raidin’ ’em. what’s next for pac-12? uncertainty ahead.


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