Biden to Make Historic Announcement of Australia Submarine Deal in San Diego

by Lucas Garcia
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President Joe Biden is going to San Diego to talk with two of the United States’ closest friends, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese from Australia and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak from the U.K. They are meeting up because Australia wants to buy new submarines made in America that have nuclear power so they can replace their old ones. This is happening now because people are worried about China’s power in the Indo-Pacific area. The project for this partnership between these three countries is called AUKUS.

In 2021, Australia made a special agreement to get submarines that run on nuclear energy. These submarines can be quiet and powerful, helping to counter China’s growing military forces.

President Biden is starting his three-day journey to California and Nevada. He will go to Monterey Park, California to talk about how to prevent gun violence and share plans in Las Vegas about how to cut prescription drug costs. During this trip he will also raise money for the election coming up next month where he plans to run for president again.

Australia is buying up to five submarines called Virginia-class as part of a plan called AUKUS. These submarines will be made in both the U.K. and Australia with American help, and all the boats will be built in Adelaide, Australia.

The U.S. will be visiting Australia’s ports more often to help the country become familiar with nuclear-powered technology before they get their own subs. Later on, President Biden will talk to Albanese and Sunak to discuss various international matters including the war in Ukraine and how it affects the global economy.

The AUKUS deal was put together in secret and ended up cancelling a very expensive submarine contract with France. This caused problems between Australia and its Western partners, but eventually everything worked out okay after a few months.

China said that the AUKUS bargain is not allowed by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which states that it is wrong to pass nuclear weapons materials from one country with the weapon to another that doesn’t have it. But Australia’s government does not agree, and declared that they are getting submarines with nuclear energy inside them, but not armed with nuclear weapons.

Charles Edel, a senior advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, says that China needs to decide how it will respond since Australia refuses to back down from what it believes is best. He also thinks that by now China has given up hope of trying to make Australia side with them. It looks like we already made our decision to join the US.

Before Biden moves away from the White House, he will talk about all the great work his team did to make sure people’s savings were safe after two of the biggest bank failures ever.

President Biden said that people and businesses can trust that the money they keep in their banks will always be there for them when they need it. He also promised to make sure that those responsible for any financial problems are held accountable and that the government takes the necessary steps to stop this from happening again.

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