Biden tells donors: ‘If Trump wasn’t running I’m not sure I’d be running. We cannot let him win’

by Sophia Chen
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Biden-Trump Reelection Influence

During a recent meeting with campaign donors, President Joe Biden expressed uncertainty about his reelection bid, stating that his decision is heavily influenced by Donald Trump’s participation in the race. Biden emphasized the peril democracy faces in 2024, accusing Trump and his supporters of attempting to undermine democratic institutions. He pointed out Trump’s self-portrayal as a form of ‘retribution’ for his followers and his commitment to eliminating what he terms ‘vermin’ in America.

Biden underscored the importance of winning the election, not for personal reasons but to prevent Trump’s victory. His remarks came amid Trump’s ongoing efforts to challenge the 2020 election results and his facing legal charges related to these attempts. Trump recently labeled Biden as the ‘destroyer of American democracy’.

Highlighting the unique situation where Trump is the only defeated presidential candidate in U.S. history to not concede, Biden also recalled the January 6, 2021, Capitol riots. He noted that during the riots, Trump was in his dining room, seemingly indifferent to the threat against his vice president.

The president praised former Representative Liz Cheney for her strong stance against Trump, referring to her as a ‘powerful voice’. Biden, addressing donors in Boston, reaffirmed his commitment to protecting democracy, humorously noting Trump’s absence at his inauguration.

These statements are part of Biden’s broader strategy to engage donors for his reelection campaign. His fundraising efforts include several events, such as a concert by James Taylor in Boston and upcoming gatherings in Los Angeles with notable figures like Steven Spielberg and Shonda Rhimes.

This week, Biden’s schedule includes fundraising events near the White House and in Philadelphia, followed by more events in Washington, D.C., and Maryland. His campaign reported a significant increase in grassroots fundraising in November, with official figures to be released in January.

Biden’s recent schedule has been exclusively political, a departure from the norm for presidents seeking reelection, who usually include official events to offset campaign costs.

The Los Angeles fundraiser, hosted by Michael Smith and James Costos, is expected to attract celebrities and raise substantial funds. Lenny Kravitz is set to perform, with Spielberg, Kate Capshaw, David Geffen, Rhimes, and Rob Reiner among the hosts. Nancy Pelosi and Barbra Streisand are also expected to attend.

As of the end of September, the Biden campaign and Democratic Party reported having $91 million in cash reserves. Biden benefits from a joint fundraising agreement with the Democratic National Committee and state parties, allowing for larger individual donations.

This report includes contributions from Brian Slodysko and Seung Min Kim of Big Big News in Washington.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Biden-Trump Reelection Influence

Is President Biden Running for Reelection Because of Donald Trump?

Yes, President Biden indicated that his decision to run for reelection is heavily influenced by Donald Trump’s participation in the race. He emphasized the need to prevent Trump from winning due to the perceived threat to democratic institutions.

What Are Biden’s Views on the Threat to Democracy?

Biden views the current political climate, particularly the involvement of Donald Trump and his supporters, as a significant threat to democracy. He accuses them of attempting to undermine democratic principles and institutions.

How is Biden Engaging Donors for His Reelection Campaign?

Biden is actively engaging donors through various fundraising events. These include concerts and gatherings with notable figures like James Taylor, Steven Spielberg, and Shonda Rhimes, aiming to raise substantial funds for his campaign and the Democratic Party.

What Did Biden Say About Trump’s Reaction to the 2020 Election Results?

Biden pointed out that Trump is the only defeated presidential candidate in U.S. history who has not accepted the election results. He also mentioned Trump’s behavior during the January 6 Capitol riots, indicating a lack of concern for democratic processes and his own vice president’s safety.

What Role Does Former Representative Liz Cheney Play in Biden’s Narrative?

Biden highlighted Liz Cheney as a ‘powerful voice’ against Trump, praising her for her strong stance and warnings about the dangers Trump poses to democracy.

How Does Biden’s Fundraising Strategy Differ From Typical Presidential Campaigns?

Unlike typical presidential campaigns, where official events are often included to help defray costs, Biden’s recent schedule has been exclusively political, focusing solely on fundraising and campaign-related activities.

Who Are Some of the Notable Figures Involved in Biden’s Fundraising Events?

Notable figures involved in Biden’s fundraising events include singer-songwriter James Taylor, film director Steven Spielberg, showrunner Shonda Rhimes, and celebrities like Lenny Kravitz and Barbra Streisand.

What Was Biden’s Campaign Financial Status As of the Last Reporting Deadline?

As of the last reporting deadline at the end of September, Biden and the Democratic Party reported having $91 million in cash reserves, aided by a joint fundraising agreement with the Democratic National Committee and state parties.

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