Biden says he went to his house in Rehoboth Beach, Del., because he can’t go ‘home home’

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Security Upgrades

President Joe Biden explained that his recent visit to his residence in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, was motivated by the fact that he couldn’t return to his primary residence. Speaking to reporters after attending Mass at St. Edmond Roman Catholic Church on Sunday, Biden expressed that despite residing at the White House during the weekdays and spending weekends in Delaware, he currently faced limitations due to ongoing work being carried out by the U.S. Secret Service at his primary residence in Wilmington, Delaware. The purpose of this security-focused work, as he emphasized, was to enhance the safety measures of his long-standing residence in a positive manner.

Biden clarified that it had been several months since he last spent a night at his Wilmington home, making it an unavailable option for him at the moment. Consequently, he acknowledged that his current location in Rehoboth Beach served as his only accessible place of residence in Delaware during his brief stay, indicating that he was in town for just a single day. The President’s journey to the Delaware coast followed his assessment of Hurricane Idalia’s aftermath in Florida the previous day. Despite initially intending to spend the Labor Day weekend in Delaware, he had to adapt his plans due to the storm’s impact.

Biden’s upcoming schedule includes a trip to Philadelphia to address an AFL-CIO rally on Monday. His recent vacation in the Lake Tahoe area of Nevada with his family raised criticism from the Republican National Committee, which frequently questions his weekend departures from the White House.

The topic of security enhancements for his Wilmington home was first brought up by Biden in April, following his return from a trip to Ireland. When asked if his situation could be likened to homelessness, Biden clarified that he wasn’t without a home and stressed that he possessed a beautiful primary residence. His presence in Rehoboth Beach was necessitated by his inability to return to his Wilmington home during the ongoing security enhancements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about residence choices

Why did President Biden go to his house in Rehoboth Beach, Del.?

President Biden visited his Rehoboth Beach residence due to ongoing security upgrades at his primary home in Wilmington, Delaware.

Why did President Biden mention he has no home to go to?

President Biden clarified that ongoing security enhancements at his Wilmington residence have made it inaccessible, leaving him with his Rehoboth Beach home as his current option.

Where does President Biden usually reside during the week and on weekends?

President Biden resides at the White House during weekdays and often spends weekends at his residences in Delaware, including Rehoboth Beach.

What was the purpose of President Biden’s visit to Rehoboth Beach?

President Biden went to Rehoboth Beach to address reporters and clarify that his stay was due to the inaccessibility of his Wilmington home amid security upgrades.

How long has it been since President Biden last stayed at his Wilmington residence?

President Biden mentioned that he hasn’t spent a night at his Wilmington home for several months due to ongoing security improvements.

Why did President Biden alter his plans for Labor Day weekend?

President Biden changed his Labor Day weekend plans due to the impact of Hurricane Idalia, which required him to reassess his schedule.

What prompted the U.S. Secret Service to enhance security at President Biden’s Wilmington home?

The U.S. Secret Service undertook security upgrades at President Biden’s Wilmington home to enhance its safety measures in a positive manner.

How did President Biden’s recent vacation draw attention?

President Biden’s vacation in the Lake Tahoe region led to criticism from the Republican National Committee, which questions his departures from the White House.

When did President Biden first mention the security upgrades to his Wilmington home?

President Biden initially discussed the security improvements to his Wilmington home in April, following his return from a trip to Ireland.

Is President Biden without a home currently?

No, President Biden clarified that he isn’t homeless; he possesses a primary residence and considers his Rehoboth Beach home his current accessible option.

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