Biden Approval Hits Record Low: AP-NORC Poll Findings

by Gabriel Martinez
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President Joe Biden’s approval rating has gone down in the past month, almost reaching its lowest point since Biden took office. This is happening at a time when his administration is trying to look calm and stable, even though two banks have failed and inflation stays too high.

A recent survey from the Big Big News-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research showed that people’s opinions of President Biden have changed a little bit over the past few months. 38% of people said they approved of him, after 45% wanted him in February and 41% approved in January. The lowest point for his presidency was last July when only 36% of people thought he was doing a good job as prices for things like fuel and food rose suddenly.

For the past several months, people have generally had a positive opinion of President Biden. It’s expected that he’ll try to get re-elected soon. When it comes to him, people usually don’t feel overly strong emotions – neither really loving him nor hating him intensely.

Andrew Dwyer, 30, said that he feels neutral towards Joe Biden. He doesn’t think Joe is the best to represent his opinion or interests but he knows that the president job involves making many compromises.

Dwyer from Milwaukee voted for the president in 2020 and sees himself as a liberal. Even though Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank had some problems recently, he believes that the economy is getting better because of the higher interest rates set by the Federal Reserve to stop prices rising too quickly.

“We all got used to spending money we didn’t really have,” Dwyer said. But he believes that this can be painful at first due to increased expenses, but it will help us create a stronger economy in the long run.

The president is doing a lot to try to give the U.S. economy a boost. He announced a $1.9 trillion plan to help people affected by the coronavirus outbreak and bought infrastructure projects, new computer factories, higher taxes on corporations and rich people, and steps toward cutting back on using fossil fuels for energy.

The government has been working to make the economy better, but so far it doesn’t seem to be helping much. Prices are going up a lot each year – 6% in fact! The president and other officials have gone on trips around the country to talk about their successes. Still, many people worry that the bad news from banks closing or the recent fight with Speaker Kevin McCarthy (a California Representative) over loan money could ruin the economy for good.

Only 31% of people think that President Biden is doing a good job handling the country’s economy. This opinion has not changed much since late 2021 when the prices of goods started increasing and this caused problems for businesses and families.

Michael McComas, a 51-year-old man from Westland, Michigan, voted Republican in 2020 and thought Joe Biden was just an average president. He also thinks that it’ll take a while before we can tell if Biden’s plan of federal infrastructure spending will work out.

McComas believes that the rise in prices due to inflation is caused by the money that the government has been spending during the pandemic crisis, but Joe Biden disagrees with this theory.

McComas said it was really disappointing that the government had to deal with inflation even after investing lots of money towards policies that could have caused inflation.

The approval rating for President Biden is higher when talking about his job overall than when discussing his handling of the economy. This is mainly because most Democrats are in agreement for both topics, while almost no Republicans agree about these issues.

Democrats who are younger than 45 have a less positive view of President Biden, which makes his approval ratings go down. Only 54% of young Democrats approve of the job he’s doing with the economy, whereas 72% of older Democrats think positively about it. Also, only 66% of young Democrats like Biden overall while 85% of their older counterparts do.

Lots of Americans don’t think our national economy is doing great or that things are headed in the right direction, according to this survey. The numbers haven’t really changed all that much over the past couple months either.

Biden’s approval ratings for how he handles foreign policy and climate change are close to his overall approval ratings. 74% of Democrats and 9% of Republicans think Biden does a good job with foreign policy, whereas 67% of Democrats and 17% of Republicans approve of his handling of climate change.

Theresa Ojuro is 29 years old and studies at a university in Rochester, New York. Even though she voted for Biden, Theresa wants to see more from him to help improve the economy. She doesn’t like how bank failures have been so common lately and also thinks that taxes are too high in New York with not enough good things happening for people living there. In other words, she’s wondering why people still suffer if Joe Biden is doing his job correctly.

Recently, 1,081 adults were asked to take part in a survey. The survey looked at people from all around the United States and collected data to show what different people thought about certain things. We can only rely on the data from this survey so much due to the fact that it has an error rate of 4 percent.

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