Biden Administration Grants Residency to Ukrainian War Refugees

by Sophia Chen
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The Biden administration declared on Monday that they will be letting thousands of Ukrainians who left their country when Russia attacked last year to stay in America for longer. This decision makes it easier for people whose permission to be here was soon ending.

The Homeland Security Department announced an extension for certain Ukrainian citizens who came here before the Uniting for Ukraine program started. These people usually get one year to stay in the U.S., while those who arrived as part of the Uniting for Ukraine program can stay two years. Many Ukrainians came to America last year because of the war.

The US government used a special program, called humanitarian parole, to let some people from other countries enter America. This is so they can be here in an emergency situation that needs urgent help. However, that permission usually only lasts for a certain amount of time – like one or two years – and needs to be renewed again if someone wants to remain longer.

Recently, the U.S. government has been using a special process called humanitarian parole to help people affected by lots of different crises around the world and rebuild the refugee system that was taken away by the last administration. Thousands of Afghans will soon have their permission to stay in America expire.

Thousands of people who escaped war in their homeland are feeling really scared because they don’t know what will happen to them when their ‘humane’ permit status (that allows them to stay in the US) runs out. This is also creating difficulties for businesses, who have to make sure that these people can stay in the country legally.

Politicians in the Republican party have been debating a lot about Ukraine and immigration. They think that the Biden administration hasn’t done enough to stop people from migrating to the US. However, these politicians don’t believe that Ukrainians should be forced to leave their homes because it’s too unsafe for them there.

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