Bebe Rexha Lights Up the ’70s Disco Scene with Her Epic Album ‘Bebe’

by Joshua Brown
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Bebe Rexha was completely shocked when she heard Dolly Parton singing on her new song “Seasons” for the first time – considering that getting Parton involved initially felt like a long shot!

When Rexha first heard the song, she immediately started to cry and said it was really beautiful. She also added that every time she listens to it, she admires how amazing it sounds and gets uncontrollable goosebumps all over her body.

“Seasons” is actually the very first track on Bebe’s upcoming album called “Bebe”. It will be released this Friday.

Rexha said that she got inspired by a song called ‘Landslide’ from Fleetwood Mac. This song talks about change and it made Rexha want to write her own version of the song. As an immigrant, she didn’t ever think of having Dolly Parton on one of her songs. However, not only has Dolly been an iconic artist for many years but she’s also a great and renowned songwriter just like Rexha which makes everything even more surreal.

Bebe is the third album released by singer Bebe Rexha from New York city, and it’s been made available in 2021 during the pandemic. It has been mainly created for her by Ido Zmishlany, Joe Janiak, and Jussifer – all big names who have worked with other pop stars such as Shawn Mendes, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears and more. The music of Bebe contains elements from 70’s era which can also be seen through her glamorous-looking album art.

Rexha and Zmishlany went on a musical adventure, listening to artists like Parton, Donna Summer, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks and many others. They wanted to mix all their favorite sounds from the 1970s into one project. Rexha loves how free the music was during that era and she also loves its fashion sense.

Parton’s collaboration is different from the other 12 songs on the album. Most of them are dance music, such as “Heart Wants What It Wants”. Rexha wanted to make fun and happy music for people when the world moved past the Covid-19 pandemic.

Rexha, who is also the executive producer, wanted to do something different with her songs, she wanted most of them to be feel-good and full of life. Furthermore, she was able to give off “Saturday Night Fever” vibes in the songs “I’m Not High” and “Miracle Man”, which includes the lyrics “I need a miracle man/Who can make me believe in love again/Say amen (yeah!) amen (yeah!).”

She says she loves the musicality of it, which helps her enter a vibe where she knows her worth and looks for someone on her level. There’s also “Call On Me,” which has become popular enough to make it to No. 13 on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic songs chart. According to her, this song is about relying mainly on yourself instead of depending solely on other people for help.

“When you hear the title of the song, you probably think it’s about someone calling for help from friends. But actually, Rexha (the person who wrote every song in this album) has something else in mind: “I’m calling on myself”!

Rexha was very successful when she reached out to Snoop Dogg (a famous rapper) for her album, and he came back with a guest verse within 24 hours. She had sent him a message on Instagram, and from then on they became partners.

“I’m always sending private messages to other famous people,” she said. “It could be a good way to make friends, and it never hurts to try.”

Two of the most popular songs by the musician include “Visions (Don’t Go)” and “I’m Good (Blue)”. This song was released a few years back with David Guetta, but it only became famous when it went viral on TikTok last year. It topped Billboard’s Radio songs chart and Pop Airplay Chart because of this!

Rexha is taking her music and ideas on the road this May in a big 28-show tour – her first in six years. Her new album is all about being free, just like people were in the 70’s. Rexha isn’t afraid to say whatever she believes, either through her music or how she lives her life. All she wants is to be as honest as possible with herself.

Rexha said “It’s okay if not everyone likes you. All you need to do is be true to yourself and don’t try to change who you are just in order to fit in with others.” She added, “I want to express my real self.” You can follow Associated Press entertainment journalist Gary Gerard Hamilton @GaryGHamilton on all his social media platforms.

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