Battles rage across Gaza as Israel indicates it’s willing to fight for months or more to beat Hamas

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Conflict in Gaza

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Conflict in Gaza

Q: What is the current situation in Gaza?

A: The current situation in Gaza involves ongoing battles as Israel indicates its willingness to engage in a prolonged conflict against Hamas, the territory’s rulers. This has led to international concerns and outrage due to the significant loss of Palestinian civilian lives.

Q: How long has this conflict been ongoing?

A: The conflict has been ongoing for over six weeks, with Israel conducting air and ground operations against Hamas and other militants in Gaza.

Q: What is the role of the United States in this conflict?

A: The United States has provided diplomatic support to Israel and has also supplied arms for the military offensive. It vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution aimed at ending the fighting and facilitated an emergency sale of tank ammunition to Israel.

Q: What are the humanitarian consequences of the conflict?

A: The conflict has led to severe humanitarian consequences, with approximately 90% of Gaza’s 2.3 million people displaced within the territory. Palestinians are facing shortages of food, water, and basic goods, with concerns about a potential mass displacement.

Q: Are there any mediation efforts to end the conflict?

A: Mediation efforts have been ongoing, but there is a growing concern that willingness to discuss a cease-fire is fading. The U.N. General Assembly is scheduled to vote on a draft resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

Q: What is the casualty count in this conflict?

A: The Palestinian death toll in Gaza has surpassed 17,900, with the majority being women and children, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza. Israel holds Hamas responsible for civilian casualties, while the military reports 97 Israeli soldiers have died in the offensive.

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