Baseball legend Steve Garvey considering US Senate bid in California, energizing beleaguered GOP

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California Senate race

Baseball Legend Steve Garvey Considering US Senate Bid in California, Energizing Beleaguered GOP


Baseball legend Steve Garvey is contemplating a potential 2024 Senate bid in heavily Democratic California, providing a potential boost to the struggling GOP. This article discusses Garvey’s political aspirations and the impact it could have on the upcoming Senate race.

Garvey’s Potential Candidacy

Steve Garvey, renowned for his career with the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, is currently engaging with voters and senior GOP officials as he weighs the possibility of running for Senate. Amidst the presence of several prominent Democratic contenders, Garvey’s appearance at a recent fundraiser for Republican Rep. Michelle Steel in Orange County has sparked discussions about his potential candidacy. With veteran consultant Andy Gharakhani advising him, Garvey is seriously considering entering the race.

Garvey’s Background

At 74 years old, Garvey boasts an impressive 18-year major league career. He achieved the title of National League MVP in 1974 and retired from baseball in 1987. While Garvey has toyed with the idea of entering politics in the past, including teasing a U.S. Senate run after his retirement, he never officially became a candidate.

Democratic Contenders and Current Senator

The already crowded field for the Senate race in California includes prominent Democratic representatives such as Katie Porter, Adam Schiff, and Barbara Lee. The seat is currently held by Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, who has announced her decision not to seek another term.

Republican Underdog Status

Despite Garvey’s celebrity status, he would enter the race as an underdog. Democrats dominate California’s political landscape, holding every statewide office and enjoying a majority in the legislative and congressional delegations. With Republicans significantly outnumbered by Democratic voters in the state, the GOP has faced challenges in finding viable candidates for top offices. In the past two U.S. Senate races, Republican candidates performed poorly in the primaries, resulting in only Democrats advancing to the November ballot.

Potential Impact and GOP’s Hopes

Garvey’s candidacy could provide the GOP with an opportunity to secure a spot on the November ballot, potentially boosting party turnout and aiding down-ballot Republican candidates. California Republicans have consistently criticized the state’s Democratic-dominated government, citing high taxes, a homelessness crisis, rising crime rates, and unaffordable housing as pressing issues. Republican attorney Eric Early has already entered the Senate race, campaigning for the votes of “forgotten” Californians and opposing what he perceives as a “far-left” ideology infiltrating the government.

Garvey’s Appeal

Shawn Steel, Republican National Committeeman and husband of congresswoman Michelle Steel, believes Garvey would be an intriguing and dynamic candidate for statewide office. Steel describes Garvey as being effective on the campaign trail, comparing him to former Republican President Ronald Reagan, who was also from California.


As Steve Garvey contemplates a Senate bid, his potential candidacy has generated excitement within the beleaguered GOP in California. Despite facing an uphill battle, Garvey’s entry into the race could reshape the field and potentially provide the Republican Party with a chance to make an impact in the upcoming elections.

Q: Who is Steve Garvey?

A: Steve Garvey is a baseball legend who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres. He had an 18-year major league career and was named the National League MVP in 1974. He retired from baseball in 1987.

Q: Is Steve Garvey considering a Senate bid in California?

A: Yes, Steve Garvey is seriously considering a potential Senate bid in California for the 2024 race. He has been meeting with voters and senior GOP officials, and there is speculation about his potential candidacy.

Q: Has Steve Garvey been involved in politics before?

A: Steve Garvey has flirted with the idea of entering politics in the past, including teasing a U.S. Senate run after his retirement from baseball. However, he has never officially become a candidate until now.

Q: Who are the current Democratic contenders in the Senate race?

A: The current Democratic contenders in the California Senate race include prominent representatives Katie Porter, Adam Schiff, and Barbara Lee.

Q: How does Steve Garvey’s potential candidacy impact the GOP in California?

A: Steve Garvey’s potential candidacy could energize the beleaguered GOP in California. The party has struggled to find viable candidates for top offices, and Garvey’s name recognition and charisma could help boost Republican turnout in the November election.

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