Barbie Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month with Anna May Wong Doll

by Joshua Brown
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Six months ago, Anna May Wong became hugely famous when she was featured on a U.S. quarter. This week, her legendary status is being further recognized with the release of an Anna May Wong Barbie doll! Mattel made this announcement on Monday in celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islanders Heritage Month.

The doll looks like Anna May Wong, who was famous for her signature bangs, eyebrows and nail-care. It wears a red dress that has a sparkly golden dragon design and cape in homage to the movie she starred in 1934 called “Limehouse Blues.” Her niece Anna Wong worked together with the dolls’ brand to make sure they get it right. The US quarter will feature a special picture of Anna May Wong commending her legacy!

Toy company Mattel just released a special new Barbie doll designed for kids as young as 3 – and it’s incredibly special! This taller Barbie has Down syndrome features and looks just like her creator, artist Kay Wong. When asked about the project Kay couldn’t help but say how excited she was to be involved with such an amazing project. She wanted to make sure that this doll looked absolutely perfect in terms of its appearance and accurate clothing – which it did!

When she was young, Anna Wong had a Barbie and her little sister Skipper dolls, as well as their dream house and car. She is excited that other Asian children can now have a doll that looks like them.

This new Barbie is part of the “Inspiring Women” series, which features dolls made to look like women who did amazing things such as aviator Amelia Earhart and artist Frida Kahlo.

Anna May Wong has done something super cool! She was the first Asian American person to be the lead in a TV show in the United States. What she did encourages not only women but also people from different backgrounds, which is why Lisa McKnight from Mattel said Anna May Wong will make an awesome addition to the Barbie Inspiring Women Series.

Anna May Wong was an Asian American actor who was born in Los Angeles. She became very famous in the 1920s and starred in movies such as “The Thief of Bagdad”. In the 1930s, Anna acted alongside stars like Marlene Dietrich in “Shanghai Express”. Unfortunately, she lost the leading role for a movie called “The Good Earth” to Luise Rainer, a white actress who later won an Oscar for Best Actress.

Anna May Wong went to Europe to act for a few decades, but she returned to the U.S in 1951 and had her own television show called “The Gallery of Madame Liu- Tsong”. This was a mystery series which made her the first Asian American lead as well. Again, she became the first Asian American woman to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960. Sadly, she died at 56 years old just one year later.

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