Bam Margera Denies Hitting Brother In Court: ‘Jackass’ Star Goes To Trial

by Joshua Brown
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Bam Margera from the show “Jackass” was taken to a police station on Thursday morning after he hit his brother during an argument at their house near Philadelphia. Bam denied doing this and his lawyer said all of the rumors about him were wrong, mentioning that Bam is in good health and mood.

Court documents showed that Margera was allowed to go home after paying a $50,000 bail. He can’t talk to his brother, father, or two other people who were in the house at the time of his arrest. He also needs to stay away from the house he was arrested at.

Police were called to Bam Margera’s house on Sunday morning for reports of an argument. Jesse, Bam’s brother, told them that Bam had tried to kick open his bedroom door and then punched him in the eye, nose, and ear when they argued again later in the kitchen. Jesse also found a note from Bam that he felt was threatening.

Bam Margera, who was also famous for being in the MTV show “Viva La Bam”, ran away from his home into some really thick woods before the police arrived. He then got charged with things like hitting someone, making them scared, and threatening to hurt them.

After his court appearance, someone put a post on Margera’s Instagram account that said something like “The charges against him are not true” and he will sue the person who made them for spreading lies. He also has to leave his castle soon. The next time he has to go to court is May 25.

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