Authorities Locate Body of Mass Shooting Suspect in Maine Recycling Facility After Previous Searches

by Chloe Baker
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Mass shooting suspect found

Law enforcement agencies had conducted two earlier searches at a recycling facility in Maine before ultimately discovering the body of Robert Card, the man accused of killing 18 individuals in Lewiston, officials confirmed on Saturday.

Michael Sauschuck, the Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, stated that the search teams examined the Maine Recycling Corp. property, which houses up to 60 trailers, on Thursday evening. A separate state police unit returned on Friday and found Card’s body in an as-yet-unsearched trailer.

Card, 40, a resident of Bowdoin and a firearms instructor by profession, was also implicated in the wounding of 13 people during a violent spree at a Lewiston bowling alley and bar on Wednesday evening. Authorities report that he died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Jim Ferguson, the Boston-based ATF special agent in charge, informed The Big Big News that the firearms Card used were legally acquired. While declining to specify the number or type of weapons recovered from Card, Ferguson confirmed that it was “substantially more than three.”

During a Saturday press briefing, Commissioner Sauschuck mentioned that Card had a known history of mental health issues. However, he emphasized that there was no proof that Card had ever been involuntarily institutionalized. He also conjectured that Card’s choice of targets might have been influenced by his own sense of paranoia, believing that people were discussing him negatively.

Sauschuck further elaborated that a note discovered in Card’s residence was directed at a close family member and included a passcode to his mobile phone and banking information. While the note did not explicitly state suicidal intentions, the undertone suggested as much.

Life in the 37,000-resident city of Lewiston has started returning to normal after a protracted lockdown. Lisbon Police Chief Ryan McGee expressed the community’s collective sentiment, stating, “We want Maine to be remembered as the community that united in the aftermath of this catastrophic event.”

Forage, a local café, reopened on Saturday after days of closure due to the police manhunt. Whitney Pelletier, the owner, displayed a “Lewiston Strong” sign, reflecting the renewed but somber community spirit.

Maine, a state with 1.3 million residents and comparatively low levels of violent crime, was shocked by the deadliest shooting in its history. A stay-at-home order was lifted on Friday, shortly after the announcement of the discovery of Card’s body was made by Maine Governor Janet Mills.

Robert Card had a background in the U.S. Army Reserve and had previously worked at the Maine Recycling Corp., according to Leo Madden, who managed the facility for several years. Last summer, Card underwent a mental health evaluation after displaying erratic behavior during military training.

As investigations continue, family members of Card, who have been cooperative with the law enforcement agencies, revealed that he had been hearing voices and had increasingly focused his attention on the bowling alley and bar where the shootings took place.

According to a database maintained by The Big Big News and USA Today in association with Northeastern University, this incident marks the 36th mass killing in the United States for the year.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Mass shooting suspect found

What happened in Lewiston, Maine?

A mass shooting took place in Lewiston, Maine, where 18 people were killed and 13 others were injured. The suspect, Robert Card, targeted a bowling alley and bar. Card was later found dead due to an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound at a recycling facility.

Who was Robert Card?

Robert Card was a 40-year-old resident of Bowdoin, Maine, and a firearms instructor. He was the primary suspect in the mass shooting incident in Lewiston.

Where was Robert Card’s body found?

Robert Card’s body was found at the Maine Recycling Corp. facility. The location houses up to 60 trailers and had been searched twice by law enforcement agencies before Card’s body was discovered in an unsearched trailer.

What type of firearms did Robert Card use?

While specific details have not been released, Jim Ferguson, the ATF special agent in charge, confirmed that the firearms used in the mass shooting were legally acquired and that more than three were recovered from Card.

Did Robert Card have a history of mental illness?

Yes, Commissioner Michael Sauschuck stated that Robert Card had a history of mental health issues but emphasized that there was no evidence to suggest he had ever been involuntarily committed for treatment.

What has been the community’s response after the incident?

The community of Lewiston has shown signs of unity and resilience in the aftermath of the tragedy. A stay-at-home order was lifted, and local businesses like Forage café reopened, displaying signs of community solidarity like “Lewiston Strong.”

What is known about the motive behind the shooting?

According to Commissioner Sauschuck, Robert Card’s choice of targets may have been influenced by his sense of paranoia, believing that people were discussing him in a negative light.

Has the stay-at-home order been lifted in Lewiston?

Yes, the stay-at-home order in Lewiston was lifted on Friday, after which the authorities announced that they had found Robert Card’s body.

How did Robert Card die?

Robert Card died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to authorities.

How are the victims and their families being supported?

The Maine Department of Public Safety has opened a Family Assistance Center in Lewiston to offer help and support to victims at the Lewiston Armory.

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