Atlanta Police Capture Suspect in Deadly Medical Practice Shooting

by Joshua Brown
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Police in Atlanta arrested a man yesterday evening who was accused of shooting inside the waiting room of a medical practice. One woman was killed and four others were hurt. The suspect, 24-year-old Deion Patterson, escaped after the shooting but police later found him in Cobb County, close to Atlanta.

Police reported that someone shot five women on the 11th floor of a building located in an area with lots of offices and tall apartment buildings. Because of this, people who were currently working or eating lunch had to stay where they were for several hours until things cleared up.

Patterson went to a medical practice and shot one person. The shooting lasted two minutes before Patterson left the building and took a pickup truck that was parked at a Shell gas station with its engine running.

The Atlanta Police Chief said that a 39-year-old woman named Amy St. Pierre died at the scene of the shooting. Four other women, aged 25, 39, 56 and 71, were shot too and are currently in critical but stable condition in the hospital. Their names have not been revealed yet.

The police officer did not tell us why the former Coast Guardsman did what he did, but they are currently investigating it. His mother told Big Big News that he has been having mental issues recently due to his medication from the Veterans Affairs health system which he started taking on Friday.

The mother said her son wanted to take Ativan medicine to help him cope with anxiety and depression, but the VA (Veterans Affairs) would not give it to him as they thought it could be too addictive. Being a nurse, she told them that he would have taken the correct dose of it since he always listened to her instructions.

The woman started crying and said: “A lot of people are suffering because they didn’t give my son the medicine he needed. They have lost their family members due to my son’s mental breakdown that could have been prevented if they had listened to me.” She then ended the call without mentioning what exact medication her son was taking.

The Veterans Affairs Press Secretary, Terrence Hayes said in an email that they are very shocked and sad to hear about the shooter situation happened in Atlanta. However, due to privacy reasons, they cannot share information about a certain Veteran without written permission.

The US Coast Guard also released a statement saying that in 2018 the person involved, known as Patterson, joined the service. Then he was discharged from active duty in 2021 January and at last became an Electrician’s mate 2nd Class.

Mayor Andre Dickens from Atlanta was happy that the suspect, Patterson, was arrested safely and can now face punishment. “We’re glad this scary incident ended well,” he said while encouraging stronger gun rules and stressing on how important police training is.

It’s great that the suspect has been caught, but we must stay aware of how to make sure guns don’t get into the wrong hands and people are brought to justice. We should also keep talking about mental health issues and improving gun control regulations.

Gov. Brian Kemp said he was very sad about the shooting, and asked people to pray for the victims. He also thanked officers for their bravery and hard work in this difficult situation.

The Cobb County Police Chief, Stuart VanHoozer said that the technology was very helpful in finding the suspected shooter. He noted that a few years ago, it may have taken longer to find him but with the department’s new tools and help from the Department of Transportation cameras plus tips from local people, they were able to arrest him quickly.

VanHoozer said that a certain set of tools had helped them locate the clues they needed to solve this case. The pick-up truck was found in a parking garage close to the stadium where the Atlanta Braves play. On television, viewers could see footage of Patterson getting arrested near a tennis court and swimming pool located at a wooded condo complex approximately half-mile away from the Battery.

At the time of the shooting, Cassidy Hale was driving to the building to fix a machine on the 12th floor. She noticed that there were fire trucks but she didn’t realise what was happening until she couldn’t take the elevator anymore. When she called the operating room manager, she was told to go back to her car as there was an active shooter.

Police wouldn’t let Hale leave the parking garage and later checked all of the cars there. They then put her in a building across the street to talk with other employees and patients who were very surprised at what was happening. This shooting happened during a year where many cities in the United States experienced gun violence and mass shootings.

After the mass shooting that happened, Senator Raphael Warnock from Georgia came to the Senate and spoke about how gun violence shouldn’t be treated as something normal. He said in his speech: “There have been way too many mass shootings for us to just accept them and believe it’s alright. It is definitely not okay.”

The pastor in Atlanta said that it’s just a matter of time before something bad happens, like a tragedy. Both of Georgia’s United States senators Jon Ossoff and his colleague agreed, saying gun violence in America is too much and something needs to be done about it. They added that policymakers (people who make laws) have the responsibility to keep people safe and pass new laws.

This story was fixed to include the correct age of one of the people who survived – they are 39 years old, not 29. Two writers called Jeff Martin in Woodstock, Georgia, and Tara Copp in Washington also wrote down things that helped with this report.

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